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  1. SOLD

    Price lowered to usual current market price + a little extra.
  2. Pending possible buyout, not confirmed yet.
  3. Updated, thanks for the bids Ondar!
  4. Added your bid thank you! Come on people bargains! can be sent via CoD !
  5. Updated the bid is for both same goes to potions, thanks.
  6. Hi All, Due to leaving I am selling my deed and everything on it! The deed is located at H25 on in-game map of Deli, the deed is right next to a port area that was flattened out by me and can also be deeded, the area is full of mines, hills, good hunting fantastic garden area, lots of fruit trees and not too many people close apart from around the lake. This is a one off chance to bid and take all of the following items with you shown in the video below. The deed has over 500 dirt in crates and a ton of crates all over the deed like 15+ i believe. Anyway watch the video and you can just pause and see all the items shown in the video as well as the deed and its current house, mine, garden area etc. Start Bid: 1s Min Increase: 1s Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes Location: H25 - Deliverance Offers for BO are welcome. Current Bid - 6s to JakeRivers Video: NOTE QUALITY OF UPLOAD SHOULD UPDATE SOON Location: Deed Details:
  7. Hi All, Due to leaving I am selling all of the following on super low prices! SB: 50c Min Increase: 50c Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes Mallet, Oakenwood (82w, 81c) QL 91.09 - 50c - Ondar Small Anvil, Iron (80w, 91c) QL 88.83 - 1s - Ondar Butchering Knife, Iron (CoC75) QL 70.28 - Trowel, Iron (66c, 85w) QL 63.08 - 50c - Ondar Mountain Lion Pelt (76c, 60w) QL 96.61 - 50c - Ondar Sleep Powder x 2 - 50c - Wulfgarr Yellow Potion x 3 - Chain Barding, Iron (61-AOSP) QL 69.66 - Please leave your bid as the number of item for example: #1 - 1s Thank you!

    All sent, please close this thread and thank you all for the bids! enjoy your new toys!

    Updated, thanks for the bid.