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  1. Nexus Gates

    Just the opposite, in my experience on WU servers that have fast travel. I believe that ungodly travel times, especially when you can only play for an hour or so, is one of the reasons people rarely leave their deeds. Cause & effect. People look at the effects without analyzing possible causes and just chalk it up to laziness. On servers that have fast travel in WU, I see people out and about all over the place all the time. Go figure. :)
  2. Nexus Gates

    I'd love to see some kind of portal system. But I wouldn't like it linked to events or needing to be charged or anything like that. I feel that would be an over-complication that could lead to all kinds of problems and become more hassle than it's worth. Personally I think the Highway Portal System in WU is perfect. Player made portals on deeds have to be linked into the highway system to work and you can only port to portals on your particular highway system. In addition, I'd love to see portals that link all of the starter towns to each other, with one main portal per server, in one of the starter towns, that goes to the other servers.
  3. Its not easy being an NPC

    July episode.....:)
  4. Quality lock on containers.

    @Retrograde Sounds like a big ol' pain in the f.....PITA to me. Why does everything have to be a pita? As Ayes said, the way it works in WU is great. This.....well I'll just stop there and step away from the keyboard for a while edit: Ok, so having thought about it. Basically I think something to accomplish what the OP is wanting to do would be nice, yes. Like the sorting mod in WU. So the devs are now thinking about over-complicating something that doesn't need to be complicated. Complexity doesn't necessarily equal "good." Ever heard of the KISS principal? Too many things in Wurm are getting way more over-complicated than they need to be. Sadly I've come to expect it now though. Every time we get a new so-called feature or convenience, it has to be accompanied by something about it that's guaranteed to p*ss off as many people as possible. Why is that? It wouldn't surprise me if things being too over-complicated is one of the things that scares off new people.
  5. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Can't resist one more of Alien Weaponry. Fairly new one with a slightly different feel but very catchy. It grows on ya.
  6. Its not easy being an NPC

    New one just came out
  7. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Yeah, they're old men now I guess. (16, 16, 18? More?). hehe. I agree will be interesting to see how it goes for them. They're playing somewhat near me in Sept. Gonna try to get to the show.
  8. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    @Scottfree2Wow, I really like Alien Weaponry, thanks for posting that. Amazing they're so young (14, 14, & 16), with such a mature sound and subject matter, and their musicianship is stellar. I just listened to a bunch of their stuff on youtube with translations. I especially like that first one you posted, Kai Tangata, the vid fits the lyrics perfectly. I like this one too. (gotta hit the CC button to get the lyrics)
  9. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    I like it. There was a time when I didn't think instances would be a good thing for Wurm, but my thinking on that has evolved over time. Currently we can step into a portal or cross a server line & end up somewhere else entirely, Epic, Choas, another PVE server. What would be the difference really? If done right, it could be just as immersive and not change the sandboxiness (word?) at all. Maybe this new Frontier thing they've teased/tantalized us with will be something along these lines?
  10. Its not easy being an NPC

    New Zealand is on my bucket list for places to visit. And speaking of Maori, have you seen the movie Whale Rider? It's one of my favs I keep in my dvd library to watch now & again. No idea how much accuracy is in it but it's a great movie anyway.
  11. Simple Fix for Uniques

    Bleh. Just put all uniques on the new Frontier or whatever it's gonna be, and subject to new rules of whatever that place is gonna be. Problem solved. Otherwise I don't see the drama ever stopping.
  12. Its not easy being an NPC

    And this one. I literally lol'd.
  13. Its not easy being an NPC

    Thank you for these! I love these guys. I enjoyed these so much that I went to their page and ended up binge watching the whole series of Epic NPC Man yesterday and for good measure watched the series on the PUBattlegrounds even though I usually have no interest in that kind of game. Just because they're so funny. lol. This one really hit my funny bone.
  14. Valrei International. 086

    I totally agree, on the surface it's a good change. But it's incomplete and in it's incomplete state is, imo, worse than the current state. At the very least, since this is a so-called temporary fix (and we all know how these so-called "temp" things go), they need to remove aggro from uniques, or remove the bash mechanic, or both.
  15. Valrei International. 086

    This is exactly the sort of thing I foresee happening now with this change unless they change the aggro & bashing mechanics of dragons along with it. In fact the quick penning of dragons was about the only redeeming quality I ever saw with the old system. But..... in an attempt to make a change that will reduce some of the dragon drama, they will accomplish the exact opposite and create vastly more drama as well as bringing that drama to many, many more people, even potentially those who were previously unaffected. This needs to be seriously re-thought. Yes, dragon-drama needs something done to reduce it but simply making one change like this with no thought to the repercussions is insane, imo. I read/heard something meant to be somewhat humorous once, not sure where, maybe it was on a forum or a youtube vid or movie or whatever, but it stuck with me and I think fits this situation elegantly. It was..."Don't do two things half-assed. Just do one thing whole-assed."