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  1. I was a day late on the sub too, mine ran out for the first time in a long while and I waited a week to renew because I've been busy at work. Sort of sucks after playing so long to miss out on an anniversary thing.
  2. It can go join the "Please fix the creature spawn on Xanadu" thread in the congrats for one year of being ignored bin.
  3. I don't see why this is a bad thing. As long as the end result is a ban then let people attention seek all they want on the way down.
  4. My parents were eaten by a bear, please remove bears from game, tia.
  5. This game would be perfect without the players, can we have those removed?
  6. If someone bumps an old thread people cry about thread necroing, if they make a new thread they are told "this has been suggested, learn to use the search" The only winning move is not to play.
  7. If the brightness was toned down, the textures changed to make it easier to see the difference between tile types and the snow removed from my house floors I'd not HATE it but I still wouldn't like it. I have yet to see anyone say " I don't even want to log in during the summer" but I have seen a lot of people say that about the winter. I don't really care for the fall textures either but they aren't as bad as the winter ones. The long distance grass one is the worst. If it ends up being balanced out in length just add an option selection to another season, winter people are happy, summer people are happy.
  8. Once there is an expectation of behavior that is openly enforced it becomes easier because people know they won't get away with what they do now. It's terrible and mildly confusing that you were forced to read and contribute to a discussion you weren't interested in.
  9. Stopping the bickering, troll or derail when they start instead of letting the thread go from a discussion to an argument then locking it would do wonders. More visible moderation would also improve things, instead of hiding posts and behind the scenes clean up, say something. Point out the bad posts and use them as examples of what not to do.
  10. Both locking and removing posts should be last resort. Normally you'd see moderators guiding the conversation away from the point where a thread is irredeemable. The main purpose of a moderator is to keep discussion going not to stop it. That said, some threads start out irredeemable, and some posters are known for trolling a thread with the intent of derailing and getting it locked. Curbing both of those earlier instead of letting something run to the point that they tend to get to around here would make things a lot friendlier.
  11. This has been my experience many times in the past. Semi-recently I asked someone who had moved a highway near me what their plan was. I was told I'd better get used to change because as he said "More of my friends are coming and we'll own this whole area soon enough. After that no one is coming through." Sure enough about 2 months later I came back through and all the small deeds in the area had been disbanded and it was 4 or 5 huge deeds with the entire area walled off. The local people who'd lived there before said they were harassed and closed off until they either quit or moved.
  12. Alternatively, fix bug rendering the ducks invisible.
  13. Don't forget the broken spawns on Xanadu, hunting sucks in the southern half of the map.
  14. Do what Noiz said for optimal gains. I think you've mentioned this in nearly every post you've made since.