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  1. There are a fair few games on steam already where you can purchase coins/credits through steam no biggie IMO.
  2. Excellent! I can make it to E25 no worries, just let me try work out timezones. I'm GMT+8 .
  3. Hi, haven't really played since 2012-14 and lost all my deeds and boats etc. I've been on an adventure trying to find a boat but 100km walking later haven't come across any players online or traders selling boats, not sure how active this game is anymore so trying my luck here. TIA.
  4. I'll go 100E asap as the last account I bought seems to have been hijacked waiting on GM
  5. hi just reporting a bug from yesterday as I don't want to drown ingame with both my alts... I was on Xanadu sailing with my alt (goobie) in his corbita (also goobie) When I attempted to server cross I got the following message. The game then respawned my alt and I into the water without my corbita. I have no idea where it went? Any thoughts? thanks
  6. I'm making 670i/hr is that a decent amount? I'm on 2 x GTX680s in SLI does this even use both GPUs? thanks
  7. No idea, I just tried it on the BETA for the heck of it.
  8. Require bulk rock shards delivered to Goobie Goober town on celebration, will pay delivery also.
  9. What an interesting yet hair raising turn of events, I managed to swim to a "free boat" now I can sit here whilst help arrives (me! haha) Thanks again everyone, I can relax now...
  10. Must be, this must have happened at least 2 weeks ago I think oh well I'm on my way now but the wind is really not in my favour! At least the sun is.
  11. I can't remember where I entered the server from, I'm sailing now to the general location I remember thanks for the replies.
  12. Hey everyone, pretty freaked out here. I travelled 3 servers with my alts on my boat and I've just realised one of my alts fell out of the boat and is now in the middle of the sea! I have about 45S of coins a merchant account etc I don't want to loose it! What's the best thing to do?!