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  1. Decay On Deed

    I feel that decay on deed is extremely high now. Especially when you have a large deed, I'm finding that my little bit of play time has taken a huge cut just trying to keep stuff repaired and it's very frustrating, even items in containers inside buildings seem to be decaying much faster! I agree 100% with the above poster, there should be some sort of reduced decay when items are on deed. Between the farming and enchanted grass nerf, and now this decay increase I'm finding less and less time to actually do what is fun to me in game which is making the game seem more like a chore I have to do instead of the fun escape it used to be.
  2. Decay On Deed

    really? 0-almost 90 dmg in one tick? I've never seen that happen before when the meal was in a barrel with water. Hopefully it is not intended behavior.
  3. Decay On Deed

    just had a 60ql meal go from 0dmg to 89dmg overnight. It was in a barrel, in a house, on a deed. Seems like something is still not right
  4. Enchanting Shatter Changes

    Enchants shattering was tweaked and generalized. Some enchants now have a lot less chance of shatters while failing now always has a very small risk of shattering. Anyone have more information on this? The way this is reading to me is that failing any enchant now has a small chance of shattering, including mailboxes and enchants that wouldn't shatter an item on failure prior to this patch?
  5. Decay On Deed

    +1 I think a deed should offer some sort of reduced decay for items. At least containers.
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  7. Thoughts On Veteran Rewards?

    Think about it though. It's meant not only to reward dedicated players, but encourage people to keep accounts premium. I think 50Cent123 has the right idea, just not unique enough. The rewards would have to be valuable though, especially for the higher month rewards.
  8. Thoughts On Veteran Rewards?

    I think it would be more of an incentive to keep accounts premium, and don't really see how it would divide newer players from the older players? I was actually thinking unique and valuable items that you couldn't get anywhere else for the higher tier rewards. Something that wouldn't really be game breaking, but useful enough to make it desirable.
  9. Thoughts On Veteran Rewards?

    that would be pretty awesome too
  10. Thoughts On Veteran Rewards?

    Actually no, because it isn't even a suggestion yet. I'm trying to put one together to submit.
  11. What do you all think about some sort of reward system for being a loyal player? There could be tiers depending on how long your account has been premium. For example the following tiers, and increasingly desirable rewards the longer you have played. 6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months and so on For every tier you reach, you get to choose a rare and useful reward from a list of available rewards with a value consistent with the tier. The rewards would have to be unique and valuable enough to encourage people to keep their accounts premium.
  12. Wtb Trader Account/deed

  13. Pickaxe 66Ql 82Coc 1.5S

    sold, please close
  14. Pickaxe 66Ql 82Coc 1.5S

  15. Pickaxe 66Ql 82Coc 1.5S

    Selling a 66ql 82 coc pickaxe for 1.5s Can pickup on Exodus, or I can COD