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  1. best pvp weapon in the game, and basically pretty much the best account in the game other then maybe oniichan except it isnt a sotg steve priest
  2. anyone who isn't butthurt in general at having almost literally wasted 300e worth of tomes and pay-to-win on accounts with less maul and large metal shield want to PC this for me? i was told by someone in confidence that this is one of the best pvp accounts in wurm skill-wise. would make a good sotg steve priest or whatever.
  3. sorry but the johnston acc has 91 sickle and the cyberbullies are telling me to take 15% of that
  4. well it says i am ranked 15 in shields so i think its reasonable
  5. no warnings no tomes pok enlightened
  6. ..accept the refund that (as far as I know) people are trying to give you, if you want. sorry to hear that you have your differences, pwnin.
  7. dude likes to troll wts forum by telling everyone that their account is worth 1/3rd of what it is worth. basically all of gladiator's posts is him telling people their accounts are worthless. too bad the moderation passed away.
  8. I'd take em for 4 silver. CoD to Johnston.
  9. Talk to me ingame about selling some more stuff.
  10. WTS 5k blue grapes ~62ql average. (a little over 5k, more like 5.23k) 20 silver WTS like 80 small barrels of maple syrup ~8ql average in 50+ql barrels (more than needed that I am looking to get rid of) 10 silver which figures out to be around 12.5 copper a barrel or something like that send me offers. really looking to sell it all together for 30. i'll deliver anywhere within reason. price is negotiable and based off of past sales that were done on this forum.
  11. wts adamantine open helm, 86.4ql, 1.1kg (web armor 61) 6 silver
  12. 10.87kg of seryll Starting bid is 15 silver Minimum increment is 1 silver Buyout is 30 silver Buyout accepted
  13. johnston has better fighting stats and angelkaine says its worth 200e so ill give u 150e
  14. Hey I'll pickup the HoTS wagon for my friend Galigan.