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  1. WTA Champion Unicorn

    [13:18:31] You decide to classify an aged champion unicorn using numbers. [13:18:31] Stamina level 65001, damage level 0. [13:18:31] Hunger value 642, fat level 52, nutrition level 51.588364, thirst level 1, dominated by none, loyalty level 0.0. [13:18:31] Normal stamina regen true. [13:18:31] Kingdom is no known kingdom, leader is none, hitched to none [13:18:31] Not busy doing anything. [13:18:31] An aged champion unicorn targets none, and fights none [13:18:31] She is carrying 0 kgs in inventory and 0 kgs equipped. Auction rules: Bidding starts at 4 silver Minimum bid increment is 1 silver Auction lasts 5 days Buyout is 20 silver Pickup O9 in cele "Blackmoor Merchants" (far west coast)
  2. plz close

    dinner for two at a 2 maybe 3 star restaurant is my price check i'm sure someone would like a good start to the game for 10 to 20 silver. you'd be doing someone a favor.
  3. WTS Eyerobot 700$ OBO

    yea tools gladiator is extremely obnoxious and shitposts every wts char thread people make to the point where it effects prices and is bad for the game, but i think you might have to take a loss on this one. 99 blacksmithing is good and all but i've been nerding out on johnston and I'd say that it's a comparable account. robo has like 600 more skill points than johnston. 99 bs is good and all but johnston has more skill diversity and is prolly worth about the same at this point. it's 300 usd less than you are asking which is a huge difference but if I wanted to sell Johnston on this current market with the improvements to the char that I made, I'd ask for 350e/420usd. i would probably have to wait a while to get that much, too. i suggest you ask for about that much. it's got a much sexier body than johnston but isn't really as bloated with skills. the only thing I really see is blacksmithing and farming.. and masonry, i guess, along with a few incompete grinds that robo started. i wish someone would moderate these forums because gladiator's price check is ridiculously low. "lol xD"
  4. wtb simple BT cast

    wtb simple BT cast as the title says looking to pay like 50 copper someone other than toolhead
  5. wts rare LEAD large maul - 3s | rare leggat - 50c

    bump lowered the price by 50c make me an offer!
  6. 70ql, i want 3 silvers for it pls ty also available is 2 rare leggats made of birchwood for 50c each
  7. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    I thought about it for a bit at one point, and my ideal fix would have been to require at least half the needed material to do an imp. Exploit fixed.
  8. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    Can't exploit Dadd's 99 weaponheads smithing? Too bad. I'd like to point out that the smelting pot wasn't in the game originally. In the original concept you got 0.02kg of 1ql scrap metal for every item you created. The smelting pot was not in the original concept for a good reason, I think. It's not the imbue glitch, it's a legit bug that needed to be fixed. Now it is fixed. Good job. Maybe you could've done the fix differently, but whatever. I think Notch was a little more careful than to add smelting pots in the original concept. I think the original concept is something the dev team should pay attention to. Crocodile tears @Angelklaine
  9. The State of Raiding

    I know what an efficient raid looks like, and to me it kind of looked like half of TC was just sort of standing around.
  10. Share your titles

    [14:30:47] Your title is now Feisty Long Swordsman. so phallic
  11. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    -snip- people dealing with this will deal with it.
  12. PC account: Darkravager

    It's a good high-end account. The definition of high-end account is something that always changes, accounts are always getting devalued due to skill inflation. They would call this an endgame account at one point.
  13. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    A 20ql resource ql bump is too way too much. Consider that after you mine with an imbued pickaxe you might cut rockshards with an imbued chisel: way too easy to get 100ql. What you described, Sindusk, sounds like the way imbues should be working.
  14. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    Nobody abused it besides me who reported it. Davy, I would personally skill up weaponsmithing to 90 and then give you Johnston if something happened. I didn't know what I was getting into, but at some point I felt the need to report it. No mortal man should have that kind of power. Only god should be able to get 5 100ql maul imps out of 0.20kg of glimmer. I know better than that. I'm glad they fixed it.
  15. Close.

    Great deal for anyone starting out. 49 overall body will save your a very considerable amount of grief. This is probably the best account out there in terms of money to overall body ratio. Rudie, unless you need rent money now, I would drop it by 5 every month instead of every 3 days. People drop 100e on tomes for their accounts with less body strength.