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  1. are they going to rework coal making to tier more to your skill level?
  2. the problem is... tiles don't refresh quick enough. Or a tile doesn't refresh because of some fence or bush. needs fixed/changed.
  3. +1 Agree to remove arrow frags and replace with planks. Hopefully devs can make this switch/fix pretty quick.
  4. Is anything being looked at for Archaeology? I have left areas for 2+ months and get " this area has been picked clean" when investigating. Does foraging or botanizing have an effect on finding frags? Can we please raise dirt under a bridge pillar on long spans. If I would have known before building the bridge, I would have raised the dirt. Bridge info is pretty limited.
  5. I have a deed, tiles have not refreshed in around 3-4 months. There are also several areas outside of deed that haven't either. Whats the timer on this? I assume Im not the only one with this problem. Investigate tied to forage/botanize? I haven't done that either.
  6. Either way if you spend the time getting skills to a certain level, you should be able to imp to 100ql. Failure damage should be less then your improve so you can at least imp it up. Like I said , I don't mind spending time doing it, but it seems something needs to be changed with the numbers at a certain level.
  7. Im improving a gold altar , trying to get to 100ql. I have 99.80 Jsing. Im getting 9 failures and 1 success. All my tools are high QL, my lumps are 100ql. I have a brass rune of mag on the altar to help, but still fails way to often. I can deal with the 98.30545 to 98.306 ticks. Is this intended? Im getting more fails than improvement, at this rate Ill burn through my remaining 500 100ql lumps out of 1k it has only gone from 97-98ish ql. I think the numbers need some looking into , this is pretty ridiculous guys. the high ql gold isn't cheap.
  8. When will we be able to destroy locked/planted items on a deed that you own. This is pretty silly to have this stuff piled up. If you leave the game and your deed falls, then everything should have the ability to be destroyed. I guess Im confused about the silliness of this with certain items. Now theres a huge pile of items waiting to decay. https://prnt.sc/mcso0x
  9. WTB Rares

    WTB rare small nail / large nail / wires / rivets / brass lump-ribbon / shafts / planks / bowl IGN , Nipo
  10. I am planning some bridges in Deed planner. IE .... 1st 1x1 building 1 flr , 2nd 1x1 building 2 flrs. They are 4 tile apart. █==█ So the bridge is actually 2 tile long. ( 15 slope based on 2 tile ) ( 7.5 slope based on the 4 full tile ) ( math is 18.4 degree slope on 2 tile long ) 1st 1x1 building 1 flr , 2nd 1x1 building 2 flrs. They are 5 tile apart. █===█ So the bridge is actually 3 tile long. ( 6 slope based on full 5 tile ) ( 10 slope based on 3 tile ) ( math is 33.6 degree slope on 3 tile long ) Im asking because im having a hard time understanding the math here that's in wiki about slope/bridge/height/length. pythagorean theorem is pretty simple. What is 20 slope figured from? Is it just the hypotenuse? Im getting ready to build a series of stair stepping bridges. Ill have to build some stair stepping to get up to where I want. As in dirt pillars as I go up with 1x1 buildings on top. I will have to make a building, turn 90, make another , turn 90 and so on to get up to where I want. So Im trying to make sure I get it right because I don't want to build my dirt pillars and find out later I cant have a nice looking bridge with the correct slope. Thanks for looking at this, maybe Im outa control with this series of questions. But with 1st 1x1 its 32 tall ( checked in game with dioptra ) I was told your slope needs to end up being 20 or less to work. So I would need to make ground tile 2 dirt high depending on length. Anyway good enough.