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  1. This house possible?

    Can I build the over hang at the top?... if... I build full walled rooms at the base then destroy the outer walls, inner becoming new outer? And still have over hang? I would like this to be out of pottery brick maybe, would look pretty cool. Is my design good or too much for wurm?
  2. This house possible?

  3. Valrei International. 054

    Great updates!! When is jewelsmithing getting some updates? Being able to add gems to crafted items for skills would be great. JS should be able to add sockets to items. Combined gems can be polished, cut, combined for other skills , kinda lime the food system is now. Also would be nice if statuettes took “useage” damage.
  4. Rune creation chance?

    I agree, I have 99.64 Jewelsmith and I have a hard time creating and attaching . I think it should be looked over because some of the mats needed to make the runes you want are costly.
  5. More uses for Brass

    I agree %100 , more brass/bronze options
  6. PC-WTS gold horse shoes

    any ideas perhaps?
  7. PC-WTS gold horse shoes

    I have 6 sets at 90+ QL, 80-90ish woa. All gold, works on horses. Only made by Jewel smiths. Thanks
  8. Serious Lag

    Hi everyone. So I have been getting some pretty serious lag in game. I tether my internet off my phone, have been for about a yr. now. I updated my client, updated java, turned all my in game settings down ( a lot ). My desktop is more than capable to handle this game. I have been running Wurm just fine on a 64 bit system now for some time, even before my tethering when I had cable internet speeds. I lag so bad that the game freezes for random stents and then stops for a few seconds and then freezes again. If there's any info you would like , please let me know and tell me step by step on how to get it and post it. As I am abit computer illiterate. Thanks, Nipo
  9. GOLD Horse Shoes

  10. GOLD Horse Shoes

    WTS 90+ql 80+woa Gold Horse Shoes LIMTED SUPPLY on this nobility set. Will fit normal horses. 2s each
  11. hi, what skill is on the ring and necklace?
  12. Inspiration Rolls

    Yes that's exactly how i assumed it worked. I made the still , then added the rune before started improving. But does it add onto village rarity chance, and does QL of the rune matter?
  13. Inspiration Rolls

    Hello, I was curious why we have a rare roll on sowing crops, and tending? I believe this to be worthless? Far as I know only yield increase is due to more tending/ difficulty of crop. ( possible to just be removed?). Also the new rune for increased rarity chance doesn't seem to be working as intended. I added the rune to a still after creation, so with my village at %10, plus the %10 rune = %20? ,,.Or is it not a %20 chance? or is it a 0.000020% chance increase? Anyway thanks for your time.
  14. WTB Fish

    WTB all fish 60+ QL.. need a PC on . looking for atleast 10 each. IGN Nipo, not sure if there mailed in a pack.
  15. Bees

    No need, My hives did it on my deed. I had 1 active, 1 empty. My buddy had his hive active hive over the fence, his migrated 6 tiles to my empty higher QL hive.