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  1. We have orange, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, etc,etc. with all these already in game, wouldnt it be nice to have orange blossom honey - helps with healing , or ( ) lemon bloom honey - temp stamina boost, or ( ) blueberry blue honey - temp masonry skill, or ( ) lavenderwood sweet honey oleanderwood bliss honey - temp boost to strength, or ( ) These are of course ideas. Being a real life beekeeper, I know there are literally 1000’s of kinds of hiney throughout the world. Since wonderful Wurm already has this stuff ingame, it may not be too hard to add someday. I just think and know theres a lot more to honey other than what we have atm. Either way it would be nice to just simply have different kinds. Also can we add some Langstroth beehives, Top Bar , natural log hives Please remove the dancing hives. Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope people add to this idea. Nipo
  2. Do bees get honey from all bush type plants that flower? How long for planted flowers take effect for bees after planting? Not sure how detailed the “beehive” scenario gets. Not a lot of useable info out there. thanks.
  3. WTB rare-supreme components , planks , shafts, large/small nails / pegs / clay / rock bricks / anything ship related. Ill pay 65c for rares and 1 silver for supreme items. please just mail. Thanks IGN Nipo or Zile
  4. So if you have 100 Carpentry/Masonry, how come you cant "pave" 16th floor if your paving is say 30. Says your not skilled enough. This makes no sense. Is Paving such a valued skill that needs to be high to pave the 16th flr? Its just "pavement". Any chance to change this? I mean you cant pave it anyway if you cant build that high.
  5. Cant I build the whole footprint, build all 4 walls, build bridges... then bash out the walls under it? I just dont know if the bridge will stay or fall. I may have to build a wood house like this like in the 1st pic and see if I can bash it out.
  6. https://prnt.sc/uth014 https://prnt.sc/uth510
  7. Wanting to build this more or less W WOOXOOW The O is a bashed out wall, W is a completed wall. X is wall bashed out to bridge from top W to outer bottom W's. since bridges are structures, once the W's are connected , does it become one building? I don't think you can plan/build a bridge on top of lower walls.
  8. Hi Wurmians Nipo here. I’ll be making a lighthouse soon. Its going to be pretty high up on a mountain cliff. I am wanting to know how bright it may be if I put 6-8 marble braziers on each floor, or 10 - 65ish ql brass lamps. The slate tower will be 7-8 floors high, on top of a 440-450 dirt high mound. what are your thoughts?
  9. Buying for 10c each. Just mail to Nipo or Zile please.
  10. let me know what you have and how much please. thanks, Nipo
  11. are they going to rework coal making to tier more to your skill level?