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  1. Seeing as Festival Cove has now sold, I don't see why nobody has thought of speaking to the new owner and organising the impalong there and preparing to hold it next year. Willow may not be doing it, but it'd be nice to have it back where it all started.
  2. As girth ql affects the chance of creation (option won't show up unless there's a 6% chance) it would depend on the ql of the girth AND the skill. As suggested above, imp the girth you may then have the option to create, if not grind some more and test every few levels
  3. 59% at my skill level is just to show you how difficult to create it will be, as Shrimpiie said, the item is pretty much useless (least as far as i know) there's no real need to make it
  4. From the Wiki : Girth quality affects the chance of creating. improve the girth and you might get the option, 94 skill 20ql on both items = 59% chance at creation
  5. "-Boobaby (81 faith) ~Maybe" just fyi Boobaby's alt priest is Sassypants if she's unable to bring her priest there I could do it for her
  6. We need a recording of you singing this or we shall never believe you.
  7. Enchants shattering was tweaked and generalized. Some enchants now have a lot less chance of shatters while failing now always has a very small risk of shattering. So, enchants now all have the same difficulty???
  8. Eastern Time Zone is the Eastern Time Zone of the United States of America (USA) and Canada. Eastern Standard Time (EST) is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-5). < came up on google
  9. You do realise it said "VERY SMALL risk" <<< there's always been a risk
  10. I'll come along for the ride I guess. Priest - Tiki Faith - 90+
  11. Yes, yes you are No but seriously, it's fine if I intend to go to chaos, but when I'm sailing back to inde then pop into chaos by accident, it's frustrating
  12. Several times now I've sailed from inde to exo and back, every single time I sail along the coastline, sometimes I hit chaos instead of deli/inde would be nice to not risk getting attacked while sailing around on freedom
  13. [17:16:44] You will soon leave this island, and end up at another island. I suggest it is made to say which server you're heading for, every time I travel I check and double check that I'm going the right direction I'm going to make sure I don't go to chaos instead of Deli, meaning I have to moor and unmoor the boat (gets annoying). Can't see many people being against this seeing as it only benefits us, can't see it affecting your time in wurm in a negative way
  14. So items that can't be picked up like fountains, chests, statues etc, does this include containers that are full?
  15. Please Close

    Auction ended TheMerchant won with 4.5s
  16. 20 fav for 7 dirt?? That seems overpowered NERF NOW ..(sarcasm) That's awesome, I now love fo priests
  17. Oh okay, I thought they cast it on an item then that item turned to dirt, my bad
  18. Why not do it next year. There has already been several impalongs this year across multiple servers, another one is due this winter on Deli (as decided by the vote). I understand you want to help people on inde and want them to have fun etc, but imo there's too many impalongs this year already.
  19. Sand is used in mortar NOT dirt. Fo priests can turn items into dirt.
  20. I'd be happy with NO sb NO prem time... NO CRASHES
  21. More then likely a bot... Either that or devs are too ignorant/lazy to quickly log onto IRC and say "we're working on getting inde back up asap"
  22. after 143 surely you've played wurm long enough to expect anything professional like this from the devs
  23. I had just finished my new farm and fenced it in... If there's a rollback I'm gonna be annoyed.
  24. It's Rolf... planning and him do not go together, nothing goes smoothly with Rolf involved