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  1. same for epicserv1 and presumably all the other 3 epicservs
  2. Bump for a serious issue still not fixed
  3. +1
  4. 2 barrels of each pls COD to krivak thx
  5. oil of weaponsmith and oil of armor smithing to krivak COD pls
  6. wow Ecrir with that attitude no wonder epic is dying and most believe nothing can revive it. We are NOT guinea pigs and being treated as such jsut makes me more and more sure I never want to come back to epic. Oh and the lackl of updates and being used as test server is exactly why most of us voted with our feet ;p
  7. Just saying doom and gloom, epic is in its last death throes..... and somewhere in the world winter IS coming lol
  8. Rakki plays with VD therefore VD did cause the disbanding of DNPA ;p the end is nigh, winter is coming...................
  9. I'm not, jsut saying I think they were d&%ks since this is already a dying cluster, and jsut stating what I think of those actions.
  10. Its the instant gratification generation thats for sure - who cares if we destroy the game and drive everyone else off, we dont want opposition anyway, we want to stroke our d*^ks and feel good about ourselves since were really ###### otherwise. Emoo basically pout it that way when he said he wanted MR to be the only group on Chaos. The pvp side is dying rapidly anyway, in the long run maybe Rakki and his VD group did the game a favor by speeding up the time when Buddha has to make that inevitable decision to shut epic down
  11. because the last few remaining Serenity players have a big attachment to it - its where most of them, inc me although I'm not JK anymore, started out in that deed, most helpful owners and players in that deed to noobies, thats the big deal Jake...its just sad to see it go since its the 2nd oldest Serenity deed.... also its jsut another server on that cluster that jsut went dead, leaves MR only really and a few BL, might as well close Epic altogether I meant to say it leaves 3 MR , a lot of VD and a few BL ;p Rome and JKE only log in to defend their last few remaining deeds, shut it down already jeez lol
  12. cos apparently they are still following what Rolf said years ago - as long as one person is playing they aint shutting a server down. Someone really needs to get hold of him (not a gm ) and let him know what is going on because I cannot believe he thinks anyone is coming back to epic on this horrible map
  13. whats equally sad is that just empties out epic even more, it really is a dying cluster esp when only one active kingdom (which even half the remaining active BL group fled to) for the tomes but dont care about the game as a whole jsut being greedy :/
  14. have you got the latest java?
  15. lol @Rudie just lol
  16. should be a raidban till this is fixed, this is really serious bug that stops people raiding and pvping, doesnt encourage people to want to play pvp.
  17. Brought arrows off him - done in timely manner and kept in touch, delivered when he said it would, highly recommend
  18. +1 to this lousy mechanic, needs changing
  19. 1.75s
  20. 29c
  21. I also had a char go poof and got nicely compensated so also want to say thank you to the team
  22. One that you can take out and leave somewhere like in an enemy deed for ..... um.......non spying purposes