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  1. Id like to take 200 of the 94ql steel combined,also 400 of the 85ql combined . COD to krivak pls.
  2. So let us come over with the same you were allowed way back when. Seems selfish on your part that you want us to come over with nothing sicne we cannot even put 200 on a boat . I dont think I have ever sold anything so lumping me,as an epic player, in with wurmians that only play to make money is insulting.
  3. either that or NEW MAP PLS
  4. SOunds like the freedomers want their cake as well as ours (epics) and CC jsut gave it to them and theya re still arguing about fairness.
  5. +1 new map , and Im one that probably wont come back , or will come back but not for long, if there is no map reset.
  6. Damn I ran out of likes - @Nappy
  7. yup I agree, Im withdrawing my offers
  8. Any eta on when Novus will be back up?
  9. 4.4 silver for rare grooming brush , if ok pls COD krivak ;p
  10. Rare Oakenwood Knapsack 5s? and rare grooming brush 4s If okay pls COD to Krivak
  11. pls COD both rare large shields to krivak thx, will pick them up after work in a couple of hours
  12. thx I tried later and it worked , not sure what the problem was
  13. Mogi you dont dig in the dirt you right click the map and choose dig for treasure I believe you ahve to have your shovel activated?
  14. We can’t connect to the server at www.wurmonlinemaps.com. cant bring up the map :/
  15. nah I only have one knarr and not going to Xan twice ;p but nice deal though
  16. only need 12k ;p
  17. 12k dirt still available? Can pick up today
  18. DOnt worry, found elsewhere thx
  19. Set 3 COD to krivak pls thx
  20. Ill take 200 of the 95ql combined and COD to krivak thx
  21. Hope the non looting of branded animals doesnt apply to pvp servers
  22. 1: 5s 2: 5s 3: 5s 5: 5s