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  1. I trust then this is another bug for the list that is never going to be looked at.
  2. Just coming back on an issue I had with epic missions appearing as "enemy" even for my own kingdom, looks like this setting in the arena module was causing it: #makeFreedomFavoredKingdom: Makes Freedom always the favoured kingdom on the server. Affects both PvE and PvP servers. # This option is specifically meant to prevent PvP servers from creating epic missions which favour inactive kingdoms. # In that way, it is sort of meant to enable same-kingdom PvP environments, but can be useful in other senses as well. makeFreedomFavoredKingdom=true Flipping that to `false` made the Libila mission accessible to me as a member of HOTS.
  3. Bdew shed some light into the crash issues with the client-side SortMod. In summary the mod isn't the direct cause of the crash, but the way its written causes another part of the Wurm client to crash. Essentially whenever your connection to the server gets a short disconnect for any reason (which can just be down to overloaded storage IO) and needs to go through the reconnect process the SortMod causes a crash because of the " Disconnected" exception thrown by the vanilla client isn't gracefully handled in the hook used by the mod loader. (In this case that would be the "serverUpdate" hook.) Without the SortMod the intended reconnect process happens (with the WU splash screen). It makes sense that the "serverUpdate" hook is used by this mod because it needs to refresh all inventory containing UI widgets any time the server sends an update about them, for example if you sort by damage (highest first) then start repairing the mod will re-sort by damage after each item is repaired. (A splendid convenience feature.) Discord transcript:
  4. To my knowledge with bdew's fix the only thing not showing at all is the directional arrows when you "View Links" on a highway eye/waystone. Not speaking for everyone, though to me that's super low priority. I only use this function if I somehow mess up placement of eyes/waystones and cause a conflicting/unintended path, typically at a junction. The 3 more important aspects: shafts, spirits, and highway tile protection; are in a very acceptable state. Thank you again bdew, you're undoubtedly a top character in WU's QOL.
  5. As you mentioned some of the colours are off, but it's still totally recognisable what is happening. this is a very acceptable fix. What a star! Definitely worth using your fix to get the frame rate benefit of VBO.
  6. We were told that it already would be in the next update, which says to me that it had already been actioned internally. It would however appear that this isn't going to be delivered.
  7. Can confirm this is NOT fixed in the much awaited update ( White and black shafts still don't appear, and eagle+drake spirits are invisible. The red rift shaft does work though.
  8. Hello Governor, Thank you for the Copy/Paste Mod. Would it be within scope for an extra feature whereby only certain aspects of an item are copied? It would be particularly useful if say the flags within Manage Restrictions could be copied/pasted. This would speed up a GM setting flags for walls/fences/etc in neutral/spawn zones.
  9. Did you do that manually? The slider in mine maxes at 120.
  10. It has been 9 months already since came out. As "soonish" doesn't really mean anything at all, and the only updates that will come are unspecified bug fixes (a list would be nice) and built-in Modloader, it's safe to assume that what we have now will literally be it from an official point of view.
  11. I'd like to request some changes/tweaks to the game client. Adv. Graphics: FPS limit Please allow this to go beyond 120. We've had monitors capable of refreshing their output beyond 120 Hz for many years now. This should be at least 240 to suit those (expensive but available) 240Hz capable screens. Adv. Graphics: Max Dynamic Lights (if limit set) This should not be capped at 16. -- In busy regions with lots of lamps 16 isn't enough, and many more could be capable, though removing the limit completely would not be a good option. Please let us change this to a higher number so we can find a better limit for our GPUs.
  12. Heh scratch the above. I've checked this again as I've suddenly been unable to pick anything up, this problem still happens on -- Owner ID does not update to the trader. [Edit] Happens in too.
  13. Anyone else seeing this appear every 5 minutes? I have the titan module off completely.
  14. Varlen II (Inactive)

    Interesting server, was surprised to see that I only start with a tent and get kicked out into the wilderness immediately. -- I found that climbing on the nearby rocks boosted max weight to 50kG+ with body strength ~8 within 25 minutes.