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  1. I did check this again. I don't think there is any problem. You should publish this as a full mod Cuddles.
  2. That makes sense for idling but I had already moved around quite a bit for a minute. (fed chicken coops) I'll check again later today to be sure.
  3. Wouldn't that be annoying for any HOTS player regenerating (reducing hunger + gaining nutrition) on mycelium tiles? It's very legal for HOTS members to do this.
  4. Looks like you've resolved this Cuddles, thanks again. -- I dropped your mod in place, shut down, made myself GM level 1, then started up and joined to find this: [17:27:54] You will now fight normally. [17:27:55] Welcome back, Adambean! Welcome to Beanland on Adambean's server. Info and map at [17:27:56] You should not be visible now. [17:27:56] You enter Bean Village. [17:27:56] You enter Horde of the Summoned. [17:27:56] You feel the presence of Libila. [17:27:56] These other players are online on Beanland - adambean's server [pvp on, epic on, 2x skill, 4x action]: [17:27:56] None! (1 totally in Wurm) [17:27:56] Pine is in season [17:27:56] Welcome to Wurm, Adambean! [17:27:56] Type /help for available commands. (Invisibility isn't an issue as GM 1 is meant to be allowed that. I'll just make myself visible on join.) There's a lot of ruddy welcomes in there..! -- Having idled for a bit on mycelium tiles (as I regularly do being in HOTS) browsing these forums I came back to find this: [17:36:53] You will be logged off in one minute since you are invulnerable. Move around a little to prevent this. [17:37:02] You are no longer invulnerable. I'm not sure if I really was invulnerable or not, and if the original message on connect had just been suppressed.
  5. Thanks for that Henry After a quick Google I found some additional settings here that may be of interest:
  6. That Pi has USB 3, you can get really good SSDs that use USB 3. -- I bought a Corsair Voyager GTX for my portable Debian a few years ago. The specified I/O speeds are not a lie. Otherwise you'd have to get a really pricey micro SD card with a high speed class.
  7. Why exactly are fog spiders responsible for lag? Strangely I rarely see them, even during or after fog. Not a complaint, they are useless.
  8. Is this why my North sea edge is made of teeth?
  9. Not sure where you got port 48011 from but you can find a more accurate list here: Make sure you have not opened 7220 and 7221 for public access. These are meant to be for internal management and cluster comms only.
  10. That error shows it's not just a corruption but in fact the layer file is missing completely. You will need to restore it from a back-up (which any good server op should have set up to be on schedule), or as Batta mentioned reclaim it from the distributed map. Obviously you'll lose all landscape changes that have ever been made if you didn't restore from a back-up.
  11. What figure did you put in your tree figure odds setting?
  12. Outposts could help you greatly with that. By having outpost tiles cost more than primary ones they would decentivise building 1x1 shacks all over, providing you barred building houses off deeds. -- The extra upkeep cost wouldn't be worth it.
  13. That's misunderstanding the point entirely. If you deed elsewhere you lose your existing land. Outposts are not for replacing your existing primary land, which is why outpost land would have to be more expensive to claim and hold.