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  1. Are you serious? WU has received a lot of attention since launch dates. Most games seem to be abandoned within a year to be replaced with a sequel to maximise commercial advantage but WU has been going for 4 (or 5?) years now. Your $30 or whatever has gone very far already.
  2. I'm using 4.5 kG of ash with 45 litres of water in a small barrel to make use of all the water but when I try this I get "Not all the lye would fit in the small barrel." The barrel is empty, and both the ash and water are gone, leaving nothing. I've also tried 1 unit of ash (0.1 kG) but it still disappears.
  3. You're a star thanks for that information.
  4. Another question, do lit braziers count as heat sources?
  5. [RELEASED] Bulk storage tranfer limits

    Was this the mod causing that? I get `You can not even carry one of those.` even after removing this.
  6. Heh ok. Probably pointless making things in batches anyway, they seem to go off very quickly! (Can't stockpile tea.)
  7. Possibly. I noticed it happens when using improved improve quite rapidly today, but not always, sometimes just hovering around over inventory windows can do it. (Perhaps the better tooltips mod?)
  8. The roof point did interest me for a moment as one of the buildings has a partially flat roof using slate floors. The kitchen I was standing in is under flat sections of roof. I guess using floor as roof won't work? I guess windows are also not a factor? (Even though they are holes, and glass had been invented 1000 years earlier than Wurm time...) However the other building has a full regular roof and doesn't feel much different. That's good to know, though I've got 50% aggressive creatures on so I get into fights a lot. That includes getting my head bashed in a lot. I'll just keep carrying around some kindling for emergency camp fires. One final point I noticed: Freeze ticks seem to ignore GMs when they have invulnerability on. Does the GM exemption setting only apply when invulnerability is on, or at all times? Oh, and lava tiles, they could be a realistic heat source. (Both standing on and near, not that you'd be on them for long.)
  9. Loving the survival mod so far! Particularly clean drinking water. Just wondering if I've missed something about being indoors and temperature? Currently being fully indoors still causes freezing unless stood next to a heat source (excluding lamps). Oooh also does drake armour provide any insulation?
  10. Ah yes I could get multiple bowls. Seems strange that you can't just multiply the ingredients in the same cooking container though.
  11. I've not seen such customisation available out of the box, you'd likely need a mod to customise this. I've heard on good authority that creature spawn rates don't properly fulfil unless you have the aggressive percentage at at least 50 though.
  12. I'm currently making spearmint tea using 1x chopped mint and 400ml of boiling water in a cauldron. This results in 450ml of spearmint tea, splendid. However when I try to make a bigger batch of it (e.g. 2 chopped mint and 900ml water) it boils forever never ending up as tea. Do you need a certain skill level to cook in large quantities, or do I have to make tea in 450ml batches like an idiot?
  13. I've started encountering a crash with the sort mod quite a bit more frequently as of recentish.. No idea what the correlation is, sometimes it happens whilst just doing "things" in game, other times if I've gone away from my computer to do something else and had left WU running. (Using SortMod 1.7.) Exception: The exception suggests that this is a network issue, though a little hard to believe as the WU server is on the same network hopping through only a single layer 2 switch. (The WU server process did not crash.)
  14. Ah nice. A backend update would definitely be needed to reset OpenAL. Minecraft lets you doing this by pressing the debug key (F3) + S together, but doesn't (last time I checked) listen for the device change event automatically. Very looking forward to that!