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  1. Interesting server, was surprised to see that I only start with a tent and get kicked out into the wilderness immediately. -- I found that climbing on the nearby rocks boosted max weight to 50kG+ with body strength ~8 within 25 minutes.
  2. Just a note: Out of the two options we have to work around this (FBO or VBO) I'm finding that changing VBO to extension is the better result and leaving FBO on core. This is because with framebuffer objects you still get the nice shader effects like water, whereas if I remember correctly vertex buffer objects are more to do with performance and efficiency.
  3. Aaaaand one more thing For those of you making use of these: #infoTabLine-#: Line to be added to the info tab on login. If your messages contain double-quotes, e.g. to advertise a command as You must double up your double quotes, e.g. Use ""/seasons"" to see what is available for harvest. If you don't you'll get a compile error about a missing bracket ) when starting your server. That being said the double-quote symbols do not appear at all in game. (Also oddly the messages appear in reverse order.)
  4. Also I have a question about `ignoreBridgeChecks`: I'm sure this included lava written somewhere. Is it meant to? (I'd like to build a small bridge over a volcano crater outlet flow.)
  5. I've noticed that certain furniture, usually small stuff (chairs + stools mostly), floats off the floor by a few inches when placed indoor at ground level. -- Most other furniture such as tables, chests, crates, etc doesn't appear to have this problem. Affected furniture is also fine on 1st floor and higher. I've added some examples of this clearly happening to an album here: The building floor in question has a floor build so that you're not walking on soil / outdoor ground. The type of floor (wood/stone/marble) doesn't matter. Also when you're in the placement UI to position your furniture, and you accept the position, you can see it bump up by a few inches as you click to confirm its placement. -- Purely cosmetic, but my OCD sense tingles hard.
  6. That sounds fair, but if I reconnected after a season crossover and it really was spring at that point I'd expect all textures to have transformed rather than just light vegetation details. (Seems odd that those detail textures would be reloaded as the new season but not the surface ones.)
  7. Whether or not Wurm should look realistic is just down to opinion and taste. -- Mine is for keeping Wurm as realistic looking as possible, but who cares what I think. There will be players that will appreciate your contribution and use it long term, so I wish you well in producing what appears to be shaping up as a quality extension. Good job!
  8. There seems to be an oddity with the mission module: It appears that I am no longer able to participate in Libila's missions despite being part of HOTS since activating this. They all show up as enemy in fact.
  9. Steam has been Mac available for some years now, even if WU isn't. I doubt CC would make WO for Steam non-Mac compatible, particularly as the game is Java, or they'd be cutting out a market share unnecessarily. Not seen any mention of system requirements yet though.
  10. This argument is irrelevant to the original intention too. Steam Workshop already allows game servers to do this in other games, though is completely sand-boxed, so the risk is almost none.
  11. I had a reconnect during winter today, after which I noticed grass visuals come back as if it were spring:
  12. I'd definitely pay more for WU in some form. I've got nearly 2.2k hours since I bought it during pre-release, and I've very much had way more than my £22 worth. (Or however much pre-order was.) I didn't mind the base premium subscription of WO, and if WU had gone that route too I'd have paid a subscription to incentivise CC to keep WU just as up to date as WO. However I would expect a WU subscription to be noticeably less than WO's as the customers have to host the worlds themselves at their expense. That being said I think its now too late to bring this in. WU has been sold as a one off cost with its fate sealed. A subscription, or pay-per-upgrade, could not easily be brought in now and would just divide the already small player base into haves and have-nots, much like expansion packs do for any retail game. There are still some very noticeable bugs in WU of which likely can't be mod fixed, not to mention behind feature wise, that will likely go ignored for a very long time if not indefinitely since the Steam WO announcement. -- I am concerned with WU's future as much as I still love it, but from a business perspective I understand why its not viable for CC to put much time into it. I think that CC over-promised on what WU would always be. Great for initial sales only until they dry up. The reason I left WO back in 2012 was the lack of reasonably habitable land (from the perspective of a new-ish player) and the excessive microtransactions just to keep your small settlement in existence, which effectively made WO into a very elitist environment. (This was before Xandu.) The content of your wallet directly determined your success no matter how hard you work in game. -- I was very happy when I heard WU announced. A seamless transition from WU being standalone to a WO DLC sounds ideal in a utopian way, but I don't for a minute believe that WU has produced anywhere near enough revenue for even 1% of the labour cost required to do this. There is then also the modding aspect to consider, of which us WU regulars have gotten very fond of. If WU were to become a DLC of WO we would be strongly dissatisfied to have the modding taken away. This sounds very similar to the experience I had with a couple of friends back in 2012, and why we also left. -- I think the final straw was when our silver ran out our somewhat progressed deed could just be instantly bought up, annexed if you will, by someone else. Completely uprooted.
  13. Do those really have an impact on the software sound engine? (I use windowed resizable btw, usually maximized.)
  14. It appears that the software sound engine crashes after a few hours of running with this exception: Not sure if it's anything I did? (I didn't connect or disconnect any sound output devices lately.)