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  1. 4 years.. Still think about Wurm and always trying to find a game like it....
  2. Good call Brash. That worked, now to figure out how to get fullscreen without window.
  3. Sorry for the spam in advance. Forget how to add as image. I can play at low res but when I change to 1080p I crash. I have rx580 and i5 8400 with 8gb ram.. Should be able to run at 1080p no? Unexpected crash while playing The error was: <Cannot determine focused state of uncreated window> It's possible you might figure out what's wrong from the log file below, but if you can't, post the full log on the wurm unlimited forums, and someone else might be able to help you. Contents of console.log:
  4. pvp account


  5. Man that sucks, anti cheat program would be sweet then. Till then I guess it's wild or epic I guess...
  6. Is there a dedicated/active pvp server that's not 1x skill/timers? Can we all agree on one server to play on and get some good group pvp going? I'd be willing to help fund a server if we could just get a good sized group to be interested in one server. I know I've got atleast 5 or more players that would join if others showed interest.. Maybe something with at least a minimum of 3x skill gain or more.
  7. Is this server mixed or just PvE now?
  8. Desolation V5 Anarchy

    Happy 2k votes Nappy! lol
  9. Needs a restart

    "The server"
  10. 1x skillgain, how long would this server be paid in advance?
  11. eWars Studios Server

    Just logged in to your server. What size map is this? Also what are the skill gain and timers set at?
  12. +1 Servers growing fast, friendly and helpful players.
  13. The login server says 0, that might deter people from playing. You should try to change it so you can log in directly through the pvp server or the player pop shows from both on the login server.
  14. [15:28:01] Bart slain by Valo Machaira Butcher Mandy [15:30:26] Bigjoe slain by Valo Machaira Butcher Mandy GF guys good to see some jk come fight again. If anyones looking for a stable pvp server to join come check this one out. JK needs some more meat shields.
  15. Retrograde hired

    You're like a glorified slave now. Congrats.
  16. I don't see this server on the list or is it not a server?
  17. Nvm. Found out you can go back to previous version through steam properties.
  18. What's the deal with these updates? Can I stop my client from updating so I can connect to older server... I'm tired of having to wait a couple days for the server admins to update. These updates shouldnt even happen without asking you anyways. Is there a way to revert back to an older version??
  19. WU Crash

    I think it has something to do with that because the server I'm trying to connect to had updated just recently and now I can't connect to it. However I can connect to other servers that haven't.
  20. WU Crash

    I get this when I almost connect.
  21. Taking some advice from the community and applying it isn't a bad thing.