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  1. We've lost Oracle :(

    Well what to say. Oracle has been a pain in my a** from time to time, but been the best friend you could have a lot of the time too. Some things we agreed on, some things not so much but that's just the way life is and different people have different visions of what they think this or that should be. Oracle stood by the Wurm community for a very long time, and he did the best he could to keep us all from being totally unruly lol. Even though I too have not been spending time in-game of late, I know you will be dearly missed Oracle. R.I.P. ORACLE may greater things be ahead of you!!!
  2. Thanks for the purchase Vanyel. Excellent buyer! Enjoy that pretty red wagon
  3. Thanks for the fast transaction JakeRivers Only 50s left folks
  4. Thanks for a very smooth transaction Jondiggerb. only 1.5g left guys
  5. LOL Arsenic. Thanks for the repeat business Only 2 gold left guys. Still 1silver = 1 Euro
  6. Thanks for your purchase Chojin About 2.5 gold left to sell guys.
  7. Thanks for you purchase Neville. I have about 3 more gold left to sell folks
  8. I still have gold and silver coins for sale guys. 1 Euro/silver or $1.13US/silver (the current exchange rate) if you are in the US
  9. I sure am Vanyel. Just PM me your order on the forums and your location if you need me to deliver them, and we can get you taken care of. I deal in MR wagons, banners, tall banners, flags and towers. All items are in stock now.
  10. Thanks for your purchase Arsenic. I still have about 3.5 gold left folks.
  11. Thanks for your purchase Esus, very smooth transaction
  12. Thanks for the purchase Soleil. Very fast payment and a smooth transaction for the both if us
  13. Thanks for your purchase JacobP. Still have more coins for sale!
  14. I have several gold coins for sale for 100 euros each. Verified Paypal only. Sent as gift. Will also sell in silver coins 1s=1euro. Thanks, Nsu UPDATE: Sold out guys.
  15. Hi Wreck, Yep i sure do, I have had them since July Will send you a PM so we can get you some of them.