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  1. I agree, we need shop signs that reflect more different types of shops. I think the skill category is a great idea, but to make the number of graphics needed for them, simply limit it to the main category.
  2. we seem to be missing one another, what is your normal play time?
  3. I am not sure this is the right area but I will start here. I am able to load everything in the forum except merchant ads and classified ads. I have tried multiple browsers and still no luck. Could this be a setting I accidentally set? Any help would be great. Thx. Update: if I am sent a link to a merchant page I can see it. Just not the list of pages in the merchant section.
  4. Greetings Novaflash, I'm been having no luck in catching you online about your terraforming project so I figured I would make a post here. I've got a 94.94 digging skill, so the slopes you have will be no issue. I'm just a little North of you as well. Drop me a PM in game or post here and we'll get your project knocked out for ya.
  5. My game worked fine for years and then all of a sudden the Log In Screen won't load. I click on the link and it opens the small 2x3 window and then nothing else. I tried resetting the log in link from the wurmonline website and that doesn't work either. I even reinstalled Java. Did something happen that I forgot to update?
  6. -1 already seeing ppl move back to the smaller servers due to the lag issues on the large server (Xan)
  7. Hatchet - 6 coc 79.79 40 copper pickaxe - 71 coc 2.86 ql 1 silver rake iron - 82 coc 8.42 ql 1 silver If agreed, please mail to Lucard Thank you in advance P.S. Please note that Rakes and Shovels can not be mailed, so you may want to add your server and deed location so everyone will know where to pick up there items.
  8. Welcome back, Were all very happy to have you back and sure that the little lady of your village was happy to see you grinding those skills =). As for the sea life, I agree that the sea needs some life for a more full looking world, but from a game play point of view, something really needs to happen to fix all the land critters that are stuck in locations that players cant get to kill them off in order to attempt to help the games repopulation of them in other areas. This problem is really hindering those that enjoy breeding livestock because the creature population cap seems to be at its max. I think its safe to say the Wurm community is looking forward to the new updates, but we're all more concerned about fixing the current creature population issues without creating more lag. Thanks for taking the time to listen to us all and welcome back once again.
  9. This is a nice addition to the prospecting skill, However I feel that the priests Mole sense has been long over looked, In order for the preist to be able to even cast this spell they need have a 70 faith, Mole sense, is all but useless on other then the tile their standing on. Can we do something about this?
  10. Can you send Lucard four of these please, building a temple/ cathedral for the wife, Thank you very much and I agree with you on some jacking the prices up for 1 clay and 1 brick to absurd amounts! Happy to see more and more players coming out to just help one another make their deeds look good and not trying to rip ppl off. Keep up the great work and thank you again!!
  11. Received the order, TY. however I see I screwed up my last order and left off a vambrace. Can you send me the other one you've got listed here? another 75c work for you? Thanks =)
  12. Interested in Steel plate armor; Great Helm (69ql) Breast Plate (59ql), Vambrace (46ql), Leggings (47ql), 2 gauntlets (72& 68 ql), 2 sabatons (70 &46 ql) offering 4.25s for em, if agreed, please CoD Lucard