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  1. Meu nick é Sodom, sem destino e paradeiro no momento. Aceito convite para me juntar onde tiver Br, trabalho e muito vinho.
  2. It would be great if we had palm trees on the beaches, rivers for fishing and birds flying
  3. Want to participate in building a village in Freedom Isles (Brasilia) ... leave a comment
  4. Main Project: Build a village named "Brasilia". Let's build a new adventure.
  5. World Cup ... Olympics, great time to get the best MMO in our country! Let's grow the number of players Wurm Online, this sunny and wonderful Brazil. Wurm Online Community Brazil (Orkut), seek and participate! responsible: Alex Mozero
  6. Actually I want to create a neighborhood, not necessarily a village. Exchanging goods, tools, services and a good chat in our language (if there can). Thanks for your interest.
  7. If you speak Portuguese, we will find ourselves in Landing (Celebration) and build an alternative society.
  8. I said who speaks Portuguese, only. thanks and sorry!
  9. A quem estiver lendo este forum e procurando alguem que fala o portugues. Aqui é o lugar, não tenho pretensão de criar uma vila ainda, (quem sabe mais pra frente) mas de criar um espaço nosso para jogar e compartilhar experiencias no nosso idioma. A partir de agora esta fundada a Sociedade Alternativa no Wurm Online.