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  1. Well as the title says. Certain types of logs dont mix into a log pile and instead shows a item pile. Example of such: Applewood and Chestnut. there is more wood types that are bugged but I lack time to try them all.
  2. If a person logs out while stealthed the alliance list is missing entries when they log back in. Got 3 in alliance right now (people who have logged in while i was connected) and 8+ in village.
  3. Time to support one PVP server

    Doesnt matter unless they act. He was posting a bunch regarding the meditation rework and also about when it was gonna happend. Then it went quiet.
  4. Time to support one PVP server

    "Impossible" lol.
  5. Prenote: Terms such as "Offensive CR" and "Defensive CR" are used throughout the suggestion. This does not necassairly mean actual CR codewise but rather modifiers that gives bonus hit chance for offensive actions or miss chance for defensive actions that would equate to the CR mentioned. Basics All 5 paths (Love, Hate, Insanity, Power, Knowledge) got their own individual passives. These passives scale linearly based on player level starting with level 2. (10 levels in total) Meditation abilities are not dispellable... since they arent spells. The max cooldown between path levels is reduced to 1 week and thus lets players experiment with diffrent paths without feeling they are horribly gimped by doing so. The skill level is what truly restricts the player. Love performs 3x healing for all non-spell sources. (+20% per level. This includes cotton, lifetransfer, regen and mycelium absorbation) Hate gets 20% dmg bonus and 20% offensive cr bonus. (2% per level. does not stack with passive faith bonuses.) Insanity gets 20% dmg reduction (2% per level.) Power gets 30% stamina reduction (3% per level) Knowledge gets 25% skill increase (2.5% per level) Now with that out of the way, here comes the fun stuff. Each path has 4 abilities that are choosen when to unlock. New ability choices are given at level 4, 7, 9, 11. One ability is unlocked at a time. Love Refresh Unchanged. Enchanted tile same functionality except that enchanted tree tiles yield 3x harvest. Love effect When used on the ground it makes all hostiles in local friendly for 10 minutes. If used towards a specific non-unique non-tamed non-valrei non-human creature it will perform a strong charm/dominate effect and turn it into a pet. Includes unusual types of creatures that normally cant be turned into pets, like whales and kingdom animals. (sidenote: You can currently ride aquatic creatures like crocodiles in water. Human and Humanoid isn't the same thing.) Cooldowns are unchanged. Soothing presence Permanent aggro-range reducing buff (similar to the newbie buff). Also makes taming and breeding easier. Power Erupt/Freeze Allows the creation of lava on rock/cliff tiles aswell as turning lava into rock. Same timers as currently but domain influence doesn't matter. Erupt only works inside your own kingdom like currently. Erupt can also be used on forges and ovens. Thereby lighting the oven/forge, fueling it and turning all items inside them searing hot. Freeze can be used on any container and instantly cools all content within. Elemental Immunity / Lava Walker Passive buff that gives permanent 50% reduction to all sources of fire, ice, acid and water. Active 30 minute ability with 3h cooldown. 50% reduction to all sources of fire, ice, acid and water. (the passive and active ability stack as additions. thus giving full immunity togheter) Might 2 hour ability with 4h cooldown. 50% increased carrying capacity and 50% longer stuns. Wanderer 60% stam reduction for movement (includes walking, swimming, riding, sailing, climbing, dragging). Does not stack with the level-based passive. Knowledge Get Info Combination of level 1 and 3 get info. Thus giving general information, affinities and carrying weight all at once. Also gives +4CR in combat against that specific target for the user. 1h cooldown and the effect last 15 minutes. Survey Area Slightly modified Get info level 3. Informs you of all creatures and settlements in local aswell as showing all tracks of the past 3 wurm days (same as tracking) at your location. 1h cooldown. No skill loss Unchanged. Attention to detail Passive that gives +2 radius for prospecting/analyzing, 10% higher chance for rarity rolls to succeed and +2 passive CR. Hate Rage Rage: Gives 4x increased damage from bashing and 25% dmg bonus to siege engines for 15 minutes. 1h cooldown. Frenzy +50% attack speed and -35% defensive CR for 1 minutes. 15 minute cooldown. (also modifies minimum swing timers) Roar Turns all agressive entities in local passive against the character for 2 minutes and breaks their combat with the character. (This includes guards and kingdom animals) Also provides 2 defensive cr for the duration. 30 min cooldown. Targeted at the ground. Hatred Passively adds a 1 minute debuff to anything that hurts you. If the person who gave the debuff attack the person/creature with the debuff they receive +2 offensive CR. Insanity Break Reality Teleports the character to a random tile on the server, heals all wounds, removes all spell effects, gives a 10 minute +25% speed boost and +5 CR. Also performs a Fill effect. Same restrictions as normal teleports. Makes the eyes of the user go black for the duration of the effect. Unstable Passively gives 15% dmg reduction in two resistances that shifts to random new ones every minute. Imagination Activated ability that removes the largest wound of the user and gives single-target spell immunity for 5 minutes. 45 min cd. Also spawns 2 random insanity illusions that only the user sees. Nightmare Activated ability that spawns a neutral shadow being (translucent and black shaded fog spider, wolf or wraith) that attack the closest hostile entity with the power of a dominated troll and dissapear after 30 seconds. 30min cooldown. Summary Poor abilities removed New abilities added Choices Rewards the player from the get go and keeps giving more things as skill and level progress. Thus keeping it very newbie friendly More choices in how the player wish to progress and if they want to try a new path after achieving high skill it wont take long to get high meditation level again.
  6. A Lack of honour and respect

    GM protected zones dont belong to pvp servers. Even starter deeds were raided in the past.
  7. A Lack of honour and respect

    I'm not expecting a gm-protected memorial site if i die, rofl.
  8. A Lack of honour and respect

    I do not agree with gm-protected herritage sites on epic. If a memorial is to be made then make it at the starter and with "regular" items. And even then the starter deeds are raidable. It was a shitty thing to be done but hota decorational statues in the end is a reward from hota/pvp. What it really comes down to is that you choose to decorate with the statues in a way you saw fit. There shouldn't be staff magically protecting your way of using the decorative rewards on a pvp server.
  9. who wants a map reset for elevation

    In all fairness I don't think a map reset is gonna work. The underlying problem is that people don't get skill for both clusters on epic and thus will focus their main efforts in grinding on freedom rather than epic. Thus we end up with ghost towns on epic which reduces the chance of sporadik pvp by a huge ammount.
  10. who wants a map reset for elevation

    Size and flatness is nice. The chokepointed island crap aint. Just add more defensive terrain towards the outer edges far from hota or something.
  11. Oversleeping, sleeping powders

    Edit: nvm im bad at reading while on the train apparantly
  12. Valrei International. 044

    Considering epic has had a couple of server resets... Whats the highest time since disband to unlock an item? Any timer thats over a year?
  13. Remove meditation path-up cooldown on epic

    Ah righto, good point. Guess that works.
  14. Remove meditation path-up cooldown on epic

    Why would they implement a one-time ability to do that? where is the logic in it?
  15. Remove meditation path-up cooldown on epic

    that makes no sense...
  16. Buff Crocodile Boats

    The reasons were removed. Now only -1 remain.
  17. New Bridge Type: Drawbridge

    As a pvper i dunno really... kinda makes defense too easy -1
  18. Meditation Rework

    @Buddasoooo.. been 11 months. Whats up?
  19. Remove meditation path-up cooldown on epic

    -1, but i personally think a week max per level is a good length. With complete removal people would just flip flop daily which would be silly. *cough* meditation rework budda planned to implement which include shorter timers *cough*
  20. All the influence has dropped by tremendous ammounts. (>75% for Roman republic)
  21. Stealing black bear rugs.

    Tried stealing a black bear rug and got the message "[20:35:36] You cannot take the black bear rug as it is in use." Was mounted, faithfull/lawfull off. Noone was interacting with it. Regular rightclick menu steal action. Had no perms for the building it was in.
  22. Valrei International. 043

    Why on earth would a snowballing valrei-victory mechanic be added? Comeon devs, wtf? Ya want those who lose to remain losers for the next one too instead of having equal oppurtunity? Basicly for each victory a god becomes stronger and will be much more likely to win the battles in a scenario. Thus increasing the chance to win yet again. If a god wins 4+ times in a row it will destroy other gods. Basic strategy games or mobas or anything really RESET after each "round" so its a fair chance to win again for both contestants. It's like this for a reason in those games and not a stupid arbitary decision. Think for a bit WHY its like that and you will quickly realise why this is a stupid change.