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  1. Doesnt matter unless they act. He was posting a bunch regarding the meditation rework and also about when it was gonna happend. Then it went quiet.
  2. GM protected zones dont belong to pvp servers. Even starter deeds were raided in the past.
  3. I'm not expecting a gm-protected memorial site if i die, rofl.
  4. I do not agree with gm-protected herritage sites on epic. If a memorial is to be made then make it at the starter and with "regular" items. And even then the starter deeds are raidable. It was a shitty thing to be done but hota decorational statues in the end is a reward from hota/pvp. What it really comes down to is that you choose to decorate with the statues in a way you saw fit. There shouldn't be staff magically protecting your way of using the decorative rewards on a pvp server.
  5. In all fairness I don't think a map reset is gonna work. The underlying problem is that people don't get skill for both clusters on epic and thus will focus their main efforts in grinding on freedom rather than epic. Thus we end up with ghost towns on epic which reduces the chance of sporadik pvp by a huge ammount.
  6. Size and flatness is nice. The chokepointed island crap aint. Just add more defensive terrain towards the outer edges far from hota or something.
  7. Edit: nvm im bad at reading while on the train apparantly
  8. Considering epic has had a couple of server resets... Whats the highest time since disband to unlock an item? Any timer thats over a year?
  9. Why would they implement a one-time ability to do that? where is the logic in it?
  10. The reasons were removed. Now only -1 remain.
  11. As a pvper i dunno really... kinda makes defense too easy -1
  12. @Buddasoooo.. been 11 months. Whats up?
  13. -1, but i personally think a week max per level is a good length. With complete removal people would just flip flop daily which would be silly. *cough* meditation rework budda planned to implement which include shorter timers *cough*
  14. Tried stealing a black bear rug and got the message "[20:35:36] You cannot take the black bear rug as it is in use." Was mounted, faithfull/lawfull off. Noone was interacting with it. Regular rightclick menu steal action. Had no perms for the building it was in.
  15. All the influence has dropped by tremendous ammounts. (>75% for Roman republic)
  16. Why on earth would a snowballing valrei-victory mechanic be added? Comeon devs, wtf? Ya want those who lose to remain losers for the next one too instead of having equal oppurtunity? Basicly for each victory a god becomes stronger and will be much more likely to win the battles in a scenario. Thus increasing the chance to win yet again. If a god wins 4+ times in a row it will destroy other gods. Basic strategy games or mobas or anything really RESET after each "round" so its a fair chance to win again for both contestants. It's like this for a reason in those games and not a stupid arbitary decision. Think for a bit WHY its like that and you will quickly realise why this is a stupid change.
  17. must have been a ninja patch at some point. everyone i talk to dont know about any changes last year-ish. Cloth was also 40 in the past but in this patch they say it was increased from 35. Makes ya wonder if they did ninja changes to glance rates too.
  18. How about a reduction to 5 or 10 tiles local for overground targets if you are stealthed and underground...?
  19. Plate was made useless except vs archery. neat.