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  1. no its just a new point that was brought up. theres plenty of older points still being worked on.
  2. Tier 1 (1 player): One ressurection stone, 5kg of Seryll, 1 roll on the awesome table, cosmetic kit, 1 roll on the regular table, winner pack Tier 2 (3 players): 5 kg of Seryll, 2 rolls on the regular table, winner pack Tier 3 (5 players): 3 kg of Seryll, winner pack Awesome table Roll for one of the following: Huge egg Wand of the seas Modified sculpting wand Modification: 100ql Sculpting wand that loses 0.33ql per height removed. recharges 1ql per day. Supreme strange bone Cosmetic kit Always rewards: One random mask Two random shoulderpads of the same type Regular table: Spyglass Rare satchel with 5 rare star diamonds (WL) or 5 rare black opals (BL) of 95-100ql Rare strange bone Droppable summer hat Jackal orb. When activated it lets you pick a jackal skin of your choice. Satchel with 50 yellow potions Ressurection stone Small magical chest Droppable summer hat Winner pack: 5 sleep powder Champagne Fantastic/Supreme/Rare depending on tier. Note: a roll always give 1 reward option.
  3. Oh and the client just shut down without further error messages. im not sure when the "console.log" file is supposed to be generated, i didnt see it among the java crash files..
  4. sidenote: it works to log in sometimes... which is kinda weird.
  5. sounds like the max resistance for healing is a bit too high and needs to be brought down a bit.
  6. How 2 fix LOF/Scorn. Fixed ammount of hitpoints that scale acording to power of the cast:
  7. I found the issue. the thread can be closed.
  8. champs is cancer. hope not. especially considering this:
  9. it cancels sacrifice and shield bashing too. bet devs went the lazy route and just made it cancel everything.
  10. After the latest update the standard client crashes as i log in with the character. I get the welcome message and then it crashes without any further info (no error window). Error file (hs_err_pid8992.log): I've tried: Removing all config files/player folders/packs. Reinstalling wurm reinstalling Java updating the graphic drivers No issues occur on the low memory client... but that one is godawfull on a big screen.
  11. Add an toggle-able all-kingdoms defiance chat channel When we briefly had the bugged pvp-ca channel for all kingdoms it was enjoyable. If in the future it in practice turns out to not work well it can quickly be turned off.
  12. theres still no 100 trebuchet skill title and its been years since it was obtained 😕
  13. there was a bug that allowed people to have barded horses with no reduced speed. thats fixed. dont worry about it.
  14. i sure hope that is a part of the update....
  15. Do a step 1 which is fixing resistances and increasing the chance to interrupt spellcasting. Then go from there. Unless its the "everyone can be a priest without action-restrictions" solution.
  16. Just make it so everyone can be a priest without restrictions instead and thus everyone can enjoy all features of the game. Higher enjoyment = Higher player retention & activity
  17. So ive experienced once in a while that real strange stuff happends while channeling spells. It's like someone took my channeling ability and then added a tremendous negative modifier onto it all of a sudden. Today while chaincasting BOTD with contineous 40+ power casts all of a sudden something strange happend and i started having issues channeling. First i got a damaged item and then the following BOTD powers 31 1 30 13 8 8 8 0 5 8 i got 8 four freekin times. at my channeling those kind of power casts should be rare. This also happend multiple times a cpl of months ago while hunting aswell and trying to cast spells on creatures. They became straight up immune to spells. So far its happend to 3 diffrent animals for me. While doing the BOTD 1 link was used per cast and an altar was involved. While hunting there werent any altars nor links. The code handling spellcasting is bugged in some way and needs to be overlooked.
  18. Links decrease skillgain even if they arent in range to provide any benefit. In other words: if 6 players run past a priest account, link up and then run off. Then the priest will have a 60% skill nerf and no visibile indication of why except the original event message.
  19. Agreed. pvp deaths should block corpse summons. edit: seems i quoted too much.
  20. Change the hp healed/dmgd from aoe into fixed numbers that are altered by power. Then do this: An aoe spell deals a total ammount of dmg, we call it X. Count the number of creatures in the area, Y. If Y is less than # then change Y into #. (# is just a variable to limit max dmg from aoe to individual creatures) Dmg to each creature = X/Y. Simple stuff. Example1: X = 100 Y = 20 # = 10 20 > 10. Thus Y remains the same. 100/20 = 5. Each creature takes 5 dmg. Example2: X = 200 Y = 5 # = 20 Y < #. Thus Y becomes 20. 200/20 = 10. Each creature takes 10 dmg. For healing: Take each creature in the spells area and add togheter togheter their lost hp. Each creatures healing received is: It's lost hp divided by the hitpoints lost from all creatures multiplied by the spells healing. It heals the largest wound as much as it can and if it has any spare power it moves onto the next wound untill it runs out of healing or the target is fully healed. Example: 2 wounded targets. One has lost 60 hp and another has lost 40 hp. The max healing is 50. 60+40 = 100 total hp lost. first target receive 60/100*50 = 30hp. second target receive 40/100*50 = 20hp. So each target receives its share of healing based on the loss it has. By doing this priests dont scale indefinetly when the group size increase and can thus be far easier to limit/balance in terms of aoe. Ps. i wrote this on a phone during a lunch break. Might be shitty formating
  21. Bad. By that logic there should be hard cooldowns for single target spells, aoe dmg spells, etc aswell. Resistances are more appropiate since they scale based on the quantity healed. Otherwise you would have some poor fella with a 0.01 dmg aoe pillar wound being locked away from aoe healing. Funnily enough the mag dmg bonus kinda slip past all forms of resistances tho since its a melee bonus... despite being very powerfull and not requiring any spell at all. They also get free res stones. Kinda like upgrading a standard acc without requiring any effort on the players part. edit: as for resistances ya got 2 basic variables. Length and reduction. Play with those to achieve the desired effect rather than hard caps on receiving any benefit.