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  1. Are the servers currently down for maintenance or something? Tried getting on before work with no success. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum or not to report a server outage or not. Thanks!
  2. I'm currently looking to fill orders for Cloth Armor and Satchels. I currently can make up to QL 20 (will update as I skill up). Please let me know if you are in need! I'm currently on Volcano Island. Post any needs or orders! Thanks.
  3. Are Rare Guard Towers actually something people seek? My buddy just made a Rare Guard tower today. Could someone let me know if this is actually a 'common' thing or not? We are located on the NE island on Indy. Thanks!
  4. What QL are you looking for, how much do you want, and where are you located? Thank you.
  5. Did you get all you needed? Where is Ultimarus?
  6. Received your payment! Thank you very much. I wasn't aware the money would be in the bank and not the mail. Appreciate your business! *Please close this topic*
  7. So... did you send it? I have not received anything~
  8. I just died.... Just send me (Oceanus) the 6.5s , thanks.
  9. Why accept that CoD and waste 20c? Anyhow, here is your pic of the referral being sent:
  10. Roger that, will do. Thank you for your business
  11. I am selling my Referral for 6.5s. Please send me a PM, respond to this thread, or message me in-game for inquiries. Thank you! *SOLD*
  12. I'm new to the game and looking to start a deed with a friend. I'm selling my Referral for 6.75s, please respond to this forum if interested. Thank you for your time! I am on the Indy server *SOLD*
  13. No ty, not interested. Ty for your time