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  1. It isn't a bug, it is needed to make bridges work in the first place and people were also told about it here: .
  2. Recharging artifacts at a light is the same thing, even though zekezor's idea increases the amount of times you have to do it you could still never use them in pvp and even when they go in the ground the same kingdom could probably end up with them a second time which is why i prefer my idea of getting charges in pvp forcing people to use them.
  3. My personal feelings on recharging them is by the time i get to the light they are already far gone, Also i feel all artifacts whether a weapon or not should be recharged from pvp forcing them to change hands more often. I also thought about a 100% drop chance but that will probably discourage people using them.
  4. Simply making them gain charges from killing people would be better in my opinion. They should also be more powerful than any normal weapon or there is no point to them.
  5. No forward spawns they aren't needed, also no build zones don't really do much as people will build just outside of that anyway just slightly farther from hota.
  6. Perfect, however connecting the jk island would be good for enemies wanting to roam around the island easier and no starter deeds near hota Thanks.
  7. That still has way too much water, we might aswell have an 8x8 map if he is just gonna fill a bigger map with water.
  8. I'd prefer a map where i could ride a hell horse around atleast a quarter of it it.
  9. Doing your own home server missions should also give little to no scenario points due to having no risk to complete
  10. Delivered within 10 minutes will buy from again.
  11. Nothing takes damage 100% block chance with a shield on and in about half an hour i gained 2 shield skill ticks