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  1. Depends how far back you want to go - horses and keybinds were pretty key in getting to where we are now
  2. Higher faith = harder to gain praying skill
  3. It's unfair to those who have got high faith - in other words a penalty for working hard at something else. Arguments of making the game easier don't really fit with this if we're being consistent. It's easy for those who haven't put in the effort. You should be with us Oreo! Faith should be taken out of the equation and replaced with something else that actually comes with working on an account
  4. Or, you can brave the dark and head out to hunt creatures twisted by the dying light, and find special Halloween themed items, some from stories past, and one entirely new. Are these items that drop from corpses or spawn on the ground?
  5. It doesn't make sense that the best way to get this is to not even be a priest at all. it's not like the journal requirement needs to be removed or that prayer skill needs to be made "easier"...but changed. It can still be hard, but logical. Maybe require high faith to get the gains
  6. Holy crop

    Happy to help if needed (Asgard, pm Nubcake/Earldorman -100 faith and a 75 faith alt)
  7. I am after a 70ql pendulum, silver or better ideally COD Nubcake ingame please
  8. If you want living space, i believe wurm unlimited is still available and you can have all the space you want If people want to play with other people, it's understandable they choose the new servers
  9. ^ COD Nubcake ingame or post offers