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  1. Is it enough to never need to fill water for one character?
  2. hatchet head, iron, ~22ql, 97coc - 1,0s cod nubcake please, thank you
  3. I'm having real trouble deciding whether to pick up wurm again in the south or north. Both have selling points - north there is slightly more opportunity to catch up and make a mark somehow if you can compete or have some unique selling point, and it's more of a challenge pve. South, better character, but is everyone established?
  4. This is a review for an excellent service already provided They clearly take pride in their work with the QL they imp to at no extra cost. Moreover, they delivered it to the precise spot requested and in very good time. With dye and additional items inside thrown in, excellent value. To ease handover, they cod'd an item for the cost, and transferred ownership to me while I was offline for delivery, so very trustworthy. Thanks!
  5. 80 BOTD 81 QL 4.00s saddle 92 BOTD 77 QL 5.00s INSTANT compass 97 BOTD 89 QL 4.00s carving knife Cod nubcake please, thankyou
  6. Iron carving knife 88 Scythe 89 Mallet 89 File 85 Large anvil 87 Rake 88 Shovel 88 Chisel 88 Trowel 89 The above imped to 70 where applicable would be great too thankyou do I get two 4 for the price of 3? Cod nubcake please
  7. carving knife blade, iron, ~30ql, 100coc 2s clay shaper, oakenwood, ~24ql, 94coc - 1,0s file blade, iron, ~68ql, 91coc - 1,0s grooming brush, lindenwood, ~18ql, 98coc - 1,0s knife, iron, ~22ql, 98coc - 1,0s lump, iron, ~84ql, 92coc - 1,0s meditation rug, cotton, ~10ql, 98coc - 1,0s rake blade, iron, ~22ql, 98coc - 1,0s whetstone, ~100ql, 99coc - 1,0s horse shoe, iron, ~15ql, 96woa - 1,0s horse shoe, iron, ~15ql, 96woa - 1,0s horse shoe, iron, ~15ql, 97woa - 1,0s horse shoe, iron, ~15ql, 98woa - 1,0s Cod nubcake please Will most likely be more soon
  8. Hi Snoo, I've started playing again, albeit with even less time than the other times I've stopped and started before 😄
  9. Is the screenshot still accurate?
  10. Depends how far back you want to go - horses and keybinds were pretty key in getting to where we are now
  11. Higher faith = harder to gain praying skill