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  1. Mobs too fast

    I noticed the other day when I could outrun mobs on foot on sand but not nearly 16kmh on a horse
  2. I agree - essential item At least make it a premium award...
  3. Hang on, are we saying phones are capable of playing wurm? People have trouble playing with onboard gpus on pc hardware so how is this working?
  4. Down again I neeeeeeeeed this
  5. Please fix this

    No wonder there are no animals on large parts of the rest of the map(s)
  6. Post or pm offers. Ideally supreme+, but will consider rare (especially if decent value i.e low ql and unenchanted - can do myself) Thanks
  7. Why not just give sleep bonus instead of a skillgain boost?
  8. Ah, I assumed the page was up there far longer. I misinterpreted 12 Dec 2012 as the time it went up on steam. I bring this up because I've had many games on my wishlist for years but never bought But good news regardless
  9. This pleases me But how many of these were wishlists from before?
  10. I like a good conspiracy theory, but it is probably just that boats are a big aspect of the game, took a lot to develop and they want to show off
  11. Any bragging rights or other fame you would have got, will dwindle the more you fight this Take it with grace
  12. I assume the same goes for creating? So if using the crafting window, only do 1, let stam regen, repeat?
  13. Those names seem very unusual. Bad PR is good PR though? I suggested Awakening and Resurgence (for the pvp) - these reflect the hope we had for the revival of wurm / PVP I know this is just about names, which don't really matter, but I don't think the words chosen 'mean' anything at all They also don't match the existing server names. Put in a test of "pick the two most different to the rest", I think most people would choose these new ones