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  1. White drake hide web armour set

    Ok I will be able to get on for roughly 12 hours (give or take a few hour/s here and there)
  2. White drake hide web armour set

    Ok it's ended! Please PM me if you would like to pick it up in person to arrange a time over the weekend (I will be free European daytime), or I can simply mail it with the cost spread out over all items
  3. Auction - whole batch of tools/weapons

    Uh, ok I have sold many things to many players over the years, of very high value, without issue. I am online within the 5 hour window you gave earlier. I currently work on call and cannot just get onto wurm at a minute's notice. Just because an auction ends at a certain point does not mean you collect the goods at that point, it just means the auction ends. I admit I should have been clearer about my availability before the auction ends, and set a clear time of pickup. I am sorry.
  4. White drake hide web armour set

    See it's already at 65s
  5. White drake hide web armour set

    Its because, I dont care, and if you guys wanna waste time doing 1 iron at a time, be my guest
  6. I'll just accept silver for this one, then I can sell a bunch of money later. No reserve, location: Tap dance, celebration (or pay for mail), pickup: Saturday/Sunday
  7. Auction - whole batch of tools/weapons

    Yep, Will get online asap!
  8. This would essentially be impossible for me to sell indiviudally due to time. I would prefer to have euros to save me selling silver later. However, if you cannot pay euros via paypal but have an interesting offer, post it here. I reserve right to choose whichever I want. Simple: Highest bidder wins. Absolutely no reserve. Location: Tap Dance, Celebration. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to move. +a 95coc willow rod
  9. Everything must go!

    Sorry just saw this,sent!
  10. Everything must go!

    [08:34:01] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Same account name?
  11. Everything must go!

    I've received like 40 PMs for some reason, going through them and comparing offers don't worry. It's all good I guess people like secrecy
  12. Everything must go!

    Items that have been sold 100coc hatchet Set3 Glimmer med maul
  13. Everything must go!

    There are a lot of items and I don't have time to do this individually so want to keep this as simple as possible. If you're interested in an item or set, make an offer. I'm not sure yet when the deadline will be, but soon. It may even be straight away if the offer is realistically the maximum one would get. I may accept at any time and message you and if it's gone I will update the thread. I'm currently at Celebration's tap dance (can make way to the coast). Paypal would be preferable for larger amounts (e.g bok, scale) but if there is no way you can do this ingame currency is ok too. Where there are multiples, please include at least the type of item and the QL, or set name, in any posts so everyone can track what's going on. The black jacket is meant to be in the correct set
  14. When trying to install wurm, all I get is a small box with the text " This seems to be your first time playing". I've lowered DPI back to 100%, no change. I currently have to use a TV, though res is 1920x1080 Nevermind, restarted, now works
  15. ~~~ Duce ~~~ 1972 - 2016

    Wow, words cannot express. Many, many hours spent hanging in Kyara simply chatting, with the game itself as more of a side attraction. 8 years nearly he came to us, just wow... The server and game will not be the same. The people here are real, and finite. Be nice to one another.