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  1. Online Map Viewer

    The newer version doesn't use RMI any more, it needs access to the map and database files. You could do it across separate machines by setting up the server directory as a shared folder on the windows machine then using something like samba on the linux machine to access that and point the map viewer to the shared directory. It'd probably run a bit slower as it would need to copy a couple hundered megabytes of data across the network each time you update the map. Alternatively you could run it on the windows machine then have some automated way of uploading the generated map to the linux machine over (s)ftp.
  2. Online Map Viewer

    You need to re-run the program every time you want to update the map. You can use some kind of task scheduling software such as cron to do this automatically.
  3. Online Map Viewer

    Try removing all the files from the old version (the map.js, main.css, index.html etc) and running it again (it should automatically replace them with the new versions).
  4. Online Map Viewer

    Just released new version. This update has more accurate deed borders, shows bridges and attempts to reload sections that don't load properly. The setup procedure and config file have changed considerably so you'll need to set everything up again (also paths also no longer need slashes to be escaped in the config file).
  5. Online Map Viewer

    If the directory definitely exists it's most likely a permissions problem. Try changing the permission on the directory with the command 'chmod a+wr /var/www/pve/mapviewer/sections'.
  6. Wyvern

    Patch notes for Wyvern for 2016/02/04 * Update to latest Wurm Unlimited release. This brings the following changes: * Added rewards for voting for Wyvern on You can claim 10 copper coins for each vote at settlement tokens. * Added depth drill item, this allows you to measure how deep the rock layer is below the surface on tile corners. The depth drill can be created by using an iron ribbon on a shaft, along with two handles and a small nails.
  7. Server and client were just updated, this error is happening because the server you're connecting to hasn't been updated yet but your client has.
  8. Wyvern

    We've just updated to the latest version of the server, you should be able to connect with the latest client now.
  9. Wyvern

    Patch Notes for 2015/12/24 * The CA channel is now opt-out instead of opt-in, which should help new players. * Santa Claus has arrived and brings players a (cosmetic) gift. Find him at the spawn towns on each server. (A client bug does mean his texture is terrible, however. Not much we can do about this.) * There's also a Julbord at each of the spawn towns, so you can get 100% food, water and nutrition. * Santa Claus and the Julbord will stay for at least 2 weeks. The exact day on which they disappear will depend on reboot timings, so there may be a few extra days as well but we can't guarantee that.
  10. Just uploaded fixed version for this.
  11. Updated to new version, some small tweaks to generation and now has a GUI.
  12. Player eligibility for gifts is determined by the 'reimbursed' field in the players table in database, just set that value to false for every player and they'll be able to collect the gift. The item given is hardcoded and determined by the auxdata on the gift item, see awardChristmasPresent in ItemBehaviour.
  13. And then a few seconds later after logging in: [22:42:08] 94 players on this server. (100 totally in Wurm)
  14. Latest release: Requires Java 8. The map and a render of the surface will be saved to a map_<seed> directory in the same location as terraingen.jar. Features: Mountains (smooth & ridged) Rivers/lakes Deserts/tundra/steppe Clay/peat/moss Tar pits Flowers Regional forests Regional ores Fairly uniform iron distribution Example maps: Source code: