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  1. I found the issue. I am running a copy of the default Adventure map, but before I started the copy I rolled back the world time from the middle of summer to the beginning of spring. The animals creatureStatus.lastPolledAge was greater than the WurmCalendar.currentTime, so part of the age check code was returning a negative value. Since the negative value was never greater than increaseGrowthTimer, it was ignoring the critter entirely. Only newly spawned creatures were aging properly, none of the creatures that were originally spawned before the calendar rollback. Apologies for wasting your time. >.<
  2. 6-8 hours, when the increaseGrowthTimer is set to 7200? That seems excessive, especially considering that it used to work as expected when it was set to 28800 (which the config file says should be 1 hour) with previous versions. This was working fine until I updated to 0.31.1 to support another mod, and is still not working with 0.31.2. Is it possible that setting the timer too low is reversing or negating the effect? Causing it to poll too often, and skip / miss things? Maybe what I need is a mechanic to specifically trigger age transitions on targetted animals (like a special "MiracleGrow" feed or something). Too bad I haven't seen any mods like that.
  3. I'm running the default Adventure (Heavenord) server, which I think is 2048x2048. The two young horses I'm keeping an eye on have been on deed with me (since I'm still in the process of terraforming). I've been logging in / out stopping / restarting the server fairly regularly - firing up the server and logging in for an hour or two a day, then logging out and shutting the server down in the evening. They are both still "young". I've picked up a third young horse since my earlier post, who is also not aging at all. I've looked at the server log, and I see where the creatureagemod is loading. I do not see any errors being thrown by the mod, or anything else that could be attributed to it.
  4. Is anyone else finding that the Creature Age Mod is no longer working? Or do I just have a lot of bugged animals... I have 2 young horses (1 male, 1 female, both wild), and have aging set to 15 minutes (increaseGrowthTimer=7200, increaseGrowthUntilAge=12). Both on deed, not hitched, on grass, not branded. Been young for about a total of 10 hours play time (server actively up, terraforming my deed). I'm also seeing a ridiculous amount of young mobs running around when I explore (huge spiders, trolls, cows, bulls, etc).
  5. [RELEASED] Accelerated Forestry & Gardening

    Continuous growth option is working perfectly!
  6. Please Close (Configurable Drake Mount Mod)

    I was seeing similar errors before updating my Server Modloader (specifically the "NoSuchMethod" errors). Make sure you're running the latest release of Ago's Server Modloader along with this mod, and then retry.
  7. Cave Tile Quality

    Is there any way to set / increase the max quality of a cave tile? I know Rod of Transmutation will set the vein to 99 quality, but I'm talking about regular rock tiles and Rocksalt.
  8. [Released] PVEpLands Mark and Recall - Quick travel mod

    I see in the mod options the ability to recall animals you are leading. Any chance of including dragged and / or embarked vehicles? Even if it means I have to disembark and unhitch / lead my horses, it'd be nice to drag my large cart through the recall with me.
  9. [RELEASED] Accelerated Forestry & Gardening

    Still trying to understand the "KeepGrowing" setting. I have AgeLimit set to 15, KeepGrowing true, PollInterval 2000 and BaseTaskTime 3000. I plant a sprout, and water it. I see the first growth tick fairly quickly (within a few seconds). When I examine the tree after that tick, it says it's been watered recently. Should I keep seeing additional growth ticks? If so, how often (relative to the amount of time it took for the first tick)?
  10. Request - Coal Pile production rate

    Bump. I'm really hoping someone will pick up something for this to help out us people on non-persistent / self run servers.
  11. [Resolved] Rotation options are gone

    Thank you SO much Brash_Endeavors!! I've been noticing this intermittently, and it was driving me batty. Makes sense that I wouldn't have something activated, since I'd finish crafting something and immediately go to position it. Now that I know, it's no problem to make sure I activate something quick.
  12. Animal Crossing(s)

    I'm currently running dedicated server version with this mod, and haven't had any issues. I *think* that's the current version...
  13. Animal Crossing(s)

    Not sure if you are looking for something more in-depth, but WalkerInTheVoid's "boatmod" has a setting to allow any animal to swim while being led by a player.
  14. [RELEASE] Mighty mattock mod

    That makes sense, since it succeeds after I move and go back to that end of the tile border.
  15. [RELEASE] Mighty mattock mod

    Noticing that the setting to prevent terraforming too close to the server border seems flaky. I'll get the notification that I can't terraform a tile border because it's too close to the server border, so I switch to a regular pickaxe and surface mine a few times (lowering the target corner once or twice), then try again and it works. I'm on the default Adventure map, on the island in the far north-east corner. I know I'm legitimately close to the edge anyway, but I find it odd that after surface mining manually a time or two, I can make a new attempt with the mattock and have it succeed. Still loving this mod though as a replacement for other Surface Mining fixes that have been abandoned. Better than having to chip at it forever to lower it 20 slope.