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  1. Best server out there ! Large abundance of creatures to fight. The Rift offers other creatures that even a veteran player would be challanged. No restrictions on priests. No limit on prayers per day. The staff is awesome!! Always there to answer questions and help you if you have any problems. Spyglass available for sale. Pen with a free horse available for new players. And you can "exchange" your horse to put it in your inventory for safe keeping if your dont want to lead it. Hota and pvp zone. Horses can climb steeper hills. White and Black light right in starter town. Forging area, mine, and inn right in starter town. Free deeds up to 60 x 60 tiles. Upkeep and guards are reasonably priced. Many Mods available. New pvp island being worked on and will soon be available. It will be all PMKs. More info on deed costs and settings for the pvp island will be added later. But you will be able to deed both islands so you can do the hota and hunt in the Rift on one server and pvp on the other. This is the best server I have found and I have found a home with a great community. Come to Anarchy Isles and we will do our best to make you feel at home as well !!
  2. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Any news on the PVP server yet?
  3. Sklotopolis - PVE

    [08:21:49] 52 other players are online. You are on Sklotopolis - free deeds|5x skill/actions|30k creat.|fast horses/boats|modded|100% free|4k map (53 totally in Wurm). How about that pvp island now Congrats to Sklo and the GM's for making this server the best of the best ! Awesome job !
  4. Sklotopolis - PVE

    I noticed today 37 ppl at peak time. Its going up woot ! I think i will log in and get my skills up in preparation for pvp server. I must say that i have looked at all of the other pvp servers and this one will be the best by far if all the settings will be the same. Love what you have done so far. You have implemented settings that are not seen on other servers. Some of which i never thought were possible. Great Job ! Come one , come all to Sklotopolis, It is the best server out there !
  5. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Any new updayes on the PVP server? I would prefer to drop a deed on a pvp server and gain skills there rather then droping a deed then disbanning later on PVE
  6. awesome job ! This server just keeps on getting better and better !
  7. I am very impressed with this server. The people here are very friendly and helpful. The Gm's are exceptional ! They are always available and if u need to send in a support ticket, they are very fast with a response.This will be my home for a long while. Come join here if you want a great server to play on ! Katitude
  8. Welcome to War of 3 Kingdoms where you can build your toon and town to defend or go to war. This server has many perks to offer whether you are a wanderer or want to stake your claim on a piece of land. Take a look and come join us if you like what you see. MAP * Dedicated server in Seattle * One of the fastest ping rates. * Custom huge 4096 x 4096 map. * Lots of flat land and some mountains to build your village. * White Light and Black Light. * 40k animals. More can be added if needed. * Uniques across the map. * Farms yeild crops in 1 day. KINGDOMS * Choose one of the 3 kingdoms, JK, HOTS, or MR and be teleported directly to the starting town. * You can also create your own kingdom if you choose. STARTING SKILLS * 3x skill gain, 3x timer. * 30 Body Control so you can ride a horse rather than slowly plod around on Betsy. * 10 Fight Skill. Yes, you can survive a chicken attack ! * Bag of Keeping supplied (ask GM) STARTING TOWNS * All starting towns have a Trader with lots of coin to sell your items and get money to buy items. *Tar, clay, peat and a mine with iron conveniently placed in town. * Altars placed in town if you choose to become a priest. * Free beds with nicely laundered sheets to rest your head after a long day of work and help you gain sleep bonus in the inn. * Crafting house with Forges, ovens, loom and spinning wheel. Ventrilo available No GM interference. All cheaters will be banned. We welcome you all and hope you can come join us for some great adventures on War of the 3 Kingdoms !
  9. Can log into WU. Cant log into steam as well. Any1 else have a prob getting into steam? or is it just me? lol nvm .. its back up
  10. Altar of three is set to Fo only. All other statues are Fo. How can i fix this?
  11. didnt work for me.. gave me the option so i could click it but after loading game, body wasnt in inventory. Guess i will have to wait for the devs to make it available again
  12. Thanks for finding that, gonna give it a try
  13. What happened to the option "Body in inventory" . Not showing up in one of the "settings". When clicked in other "settings" it doesnt save.
  14. While imping frying pan, Event window is saying i am imping horseshoes.This aslo happens when trying to imp up a long sword. I dont even have horseshoes in my forge. Also I created an iron carving knife and the icon to show me what i need to imp it with isnt there. When examining it, it has all info cept for what i need to imp it with. When polishing, event window says im "sharpening". When "improving" i get and examine response on my forge. Seems all event window notifications are all messed up when using forge.I have tried to reboot and still same messages when using forge.
  15. I have had no new lairs or or spawns for 3 weeks now. I destroyed a couple wolf lairs 3 weeks ago to hopefully bring in more harder lairs but have seen nothing in 3 weeks. Since then we have had nothing on the island. Could b an issue related to animals not moving. My animals are now starting to become diseased quite frequently even though they are groomed 5x a day and are fed well. Others and I are getting very frustrated with having no lairs for 3 weeks and trying to deal with the animals not moving and the disease issue. I feel this should b a priority fix and it seems other issues are being dealt with that are less important. Please set this as a priority and get it fixed.