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  1. i have exede the plan i have currently we have un-metered usage 12am-5am ... so it works at those times, althou this is the first time its done it too me like this after running out of data... thats why i didnt complain much before because i could still play wurm even when i was on throttled speeds i think they are trying to get me to upgrade or something ..? supposed to reset today sometime i believe so hopefully all goes back to normal!
  2. it seems to be a connection issue with my isp... im on throttled internet atm because im out of data .. but steam is the only thing seeming not to work, does it really send that much data just for a connection? im getting around average .50mbs down .13 up
  3. Im getting this error msg now for weeks... "Connection error: could not connect to the steam network." steam site wont load for me either... did i get banned or something..?
  4. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in creating a little mod for leveling/flattening speeds... i really like terraforming but find that its odd that these speeds remain constant even with high level in digging.. at the current rate it seems to take action once about every 5 seconds... i was just thinking that maybe we could add some thresholds to allow people to do it faster at higher digging level ie: 50 digging - 4 seconds 70 digging - 3 seconds 90 digging - 2 seconds (possibly)100 digging - 1 second something like this... thanks
  5. so i was using this bind Ctrl+K "set no_world_render now has value false" bind Ctrl+L "set no_world_render now has value true" but now after an update or so it stopped working and is giving me this when used Unknown command: set did they change the command?
  6. any reason why this happens? its rather annoying
  7. this turned out to be a dropshaft there was a strange tunnel deep below my cave that caused the strange effect... i didnt find out personally because i was afraid of losing my corpse in the void!
  8. i would post a video showing more detail to what it is but my internet is limited... i don't know how to explain it more.. i didn't get any error message or warnings.. i was just mining as normal (clearing out mine grinding) and bam a tile drops off like that one in the picture.. i think "hmm strange, that looks dangerous... is there another cave down there? no its just 1 tile drop off... strange... i'll try to mine around it" then i go a few tiles over and mine northward again trying to go around the "drop shaft" and hit the same thing, so i try to mine out the other tiles inbetween and they all drop off... so i go all the way to the other side of the mine and mine northward(in the same direction) and eventually hit the same dropoff.... its like there is an invisible drop off or dead end to the cave map at that spot, seems to be the same tile stretched east and west?
  9. i posted a ticket for the admins to take a look so hopefully they'll figure out what it is just thought i would post here at the same time in case they dont know either pretty sure its not a drop shaft into another cave because its just 1 tile that drops off the face of the map, straight down... in a straight line... and in more than 1 place in my mine
  10. i know it looks like a drop shaft but its not, there are no other caves around... its not just 1 or 2 tiles, its many tiles in a line that i can't go around no matter how far around i try to mine it this is a custom map on Private server (Wyvern) i know a bit about mining, thats why im asking about it here
  11. I've been mining out this cave and i've run into a problem... i have a huge wall of this super deep drop shaft thing going on i tried going a few tiles around it and still ran into it... it seems to be like the cave just drops off the face of the earth in a straight line? here a screenshot http://imgur.com/fky23BY
  12. I was wondering if someone could give me some info on Traders, or post a sticky about how traders work in WU... are the rules the same as WO Traders? do you have to set ratio's on traders for them to receive funds? do Traders have a 28day reset cycle or a different cycle? does server downtime effect the Trader reset date? are all Traders tied to the same reset date or are they different depending on the day they were born? this is all i can think of now, but these are a few things im wondering about... i appreciate any input! i'd really like to understand how Traders work in WU so i can put it to use and make some money
  13. I wish there was a Hotfix for this... the only thing i can figure is its a server related issue, hopefully CC will give us some feedback/solution soon... I'd really like to play but am not trying to play on a server only to be locked out for an indefinite amount of time!