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  1. I'll grab them.


    Please send paypal details. I'll send you item COD.




  2. WTS 152 Silver for 120 € Paypal Only
  3. WTS nice Paaweelr Priest Name: Marinus only Paypal Price 200 € or Offer per PM Meditation: he can do Enchanted Gras
  4. WTS perfekt Allroundchar Name: Ryamu only Paypal Price 180 € or Offer per PM
  5. Hey Psa! As we build our Deed, all neighbours was friendly to us! only you have offended us, from the fiorst day we deeded near Vrock. You have a Problem, when you think that all Mines where you build a Door in front of, it is yours! You are a liar!! And tittles us with Nazis, (we have screenshots) because we are germans. WE have a peautiful relationship to all neighbours. except with PSA!