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  1. I agree Completely! Change the mail to reflect the general public needs
  2. 40 is stupid hard.. not to be harsh.. in any game its a pain in the butt to get 40 people to do any thing..25-30 is pushing it...The more kingdoms the better.. WAR WAR WAR... smaller kingdoms die..larger kingdoms thrive..Change how the kingdom system works.. start with a "hold" where the leader is a Jarl for..10 people group and as it adds people at 35 it changes in to a kingdom and at 70 an Empire..Wurm does not have 1.5 million players the current system just hurts the game more then anything.. Hold 10+ - Jarl..Village like - 5s start. Stronghold 35+ - King/Queen +15s expand. Empire 70+ - Emperor/Empress + 30s Expand. Total cost 50s. Consider it..
  3. in the 2 years I've been playing i never once had a horse die on me.. Run.. Run.. Run.. choose when to fight and how you will rarely die.. keep your head on a swivel and nothing will sneak up on you..
  4. The stance is wrong as well.. left hand and right elbow are fully extended, left foot points with the bow, right foot with the torso.
  5. well i did take a look at the shaded armor last night. it does look like my immage allready once the shader is on. 3 seconds later my wurm crashed XD
  6. this is not about shaders.. the VBO and GL.. stuff is messed up and causes lag and crashes for ALOT of people. so we cant see the detail even if we wanted
  7. thats the aim Steel around the era was still new. it was not as pure as it is today.. it was dark and crude
  8. Steel is really good armor. a strong man wont be burdened by its weight if he has a decent body stat.. i just wish it was on par texture wise.. nothing against Wox or who ever textured it.. its just to bright.. i got blinded when i loaned my armor to a village member who was training.. it needs more detail outside of rivets and light dust
  9. This idea is simple.. as my screen shot below shows.. i have "Edited" what steel plate could looks like with some minor shadowing and color. giving it a more used look and less of a day glow Do give me some feed back.. shield is iron, but its lighten to resemble steel for image
  10. +1 good idea.. perhaps even allow it to be done with a cow and the small cart?
  11. Holy hell.. i just understood what this chap meant.. Combine the bulk good to make it more manageable per se? so combine 100 arrow heads and 100 shafts? or something
  12. This will ruin Fetching.. if your that worried about making arrows.. Contact me.. i take bulk orders..still -1.000 An arrow is a blade only on a smaller scale.. you gain weapon smiting every 10 or 11 ticks..
  13. -1000 I'm a Fletcher.. don't ruin it by doing this..THIS GAME is not suppose to be easy.. there are other games where you can make "64" arrows in one click.. go play that if you want easy fletching. Have make 3k, arrows this month.. working on another 1500..
  14. Ill take thos hand mirrors..if you still got them. 2c ea right? contact me ingame or on the forums ill walk over and pick them up