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  1. How much are you looking for?
  2. I don't suppose you can set a mission to convert a player to a particular pvp kingdom?
  3. I play on a WU server that allows Glimmersteel and Adamantine ores randomly but they all show as a huge red X "Missing Image". Is this something a client or server bug, anyone know? If so, is it fixable?
  4. A regular player killed a personal merchant located on the freedom server spawn. Today a Guide was also found dead. This wasn't done by a GM
  5. I have noticed that my personal merchants and guides are attackable on my freedom server. Firstly, i didn't know this was even possible on a PVP server, let alone a Freedom one, secondly, I cannot see any way to stop this with my GM account, except for setting all merchants to 99 Fight Skill and giving them OP weapons Anyone else seen this?
  6. Hi, fixed it myself, End Game items was enabled in the server, restarted and hey-presto, it appeared
  7. I removed the huge bone altar via the DB as you mentioned, now none show up in the database. After restarting the server it hasn't re-spawned. Any ideas?
  8. I have a new PVP server going and the Huge Bone altar is set to Bless 4 and enchant 8 and it showing in-game but there is no black light coming from it and you cannot join libila as no inscription option. If you are already libila you can pray on it, but something is messed up. There are no other huge bone altars when I query the db. Any ideas?
  9. Does anyone know where I can get the mod that allows different ql levels inside a BSB/crate etc? thanks
  10. I tried 3 different accounts and restarted clients and server and even disabled the spell mod. Still the same Edit: fixed it, it was a buggy statuette. thanks for your help
  11. I have an issue where I don't see the spells menu appear for my fo priest on my personal server. I can pray and the correct spell list comes up on the fo altar. Yes my fo statuette is activated and I have 43 faith. I am mayor also. Probably something silly I've done wrong tried a a new char, got up to 30 faith, same issue any ideas?
  12. Hi, it has been a while, just wondering if this was still being worked on, thanks