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  1. disagreed with the no deeds but i do think mobs being able to damage walls would add a harsher pve feel to it etc
  2. A new server to the cluster (Calamity?) - Aggresive Mobs spawns only! 50k+ Same size as cadence No start towns, designed as the Harsher server and specialising in hunting, ready for rifts etc Deeding is allowed etc
  3. so saving up sleep bonis to do focus grinding days is designed to be punishable?
  4. Rites should add +5 hours to sleep bonus no matter how much you have. Why? Rites are global, nobody has any control over when other will cast it, soemtimes people try plan this and try make it easier for others but often it is sniped and people lsoe out. leaving bad blood with members of the community but with many players losing out on valuable sleep bonus. Often if these events are planned to happen it is to help people have time to ge ready to recieve a fresh 5 hours sb, burning their old sleep bonus in adavance. This often communicated between players on the forums with no real ingame method to view this, often over looked or ingored by a large portion of the community. It seems only logical to removed any of the ill effects of sniping, busy life styles or simply no meta(forums) gaming desires. So yeah rites should add 5 hours sb to your sleep bonus not refresh it to 5 hours. I myself was caught recently unawares by this cast today, when i was chain praying and it was cast as my pray finished. i lost 3 hours of potential sb(i had not had time to burn the 3 hours).
  5. A change for priest could be to use materials and quality of statutte to make spells more limited. Quality to effect any non enchantment spell power by limiting the cast power to the quality of the stattutete + 12 (+beniditction) the materal of the statutte should limit the effects of spells by up to 50% Some lose examples: Silver = healing/self buffs @100% damage at 50% Gold = Damage Spells @100% healing at 50% Electrum = Both at 75% Addy = AOE damage @125% healing at 25% Glimmer = AOE Healing@125% damage at 25% seryll = Single target healing & damage @125% AOE healing& damage 25% This would atleast seperate the strengths of priest/play style in combat, offering a choice between offencive or defencive strengths. It also addds in more depth to the material system of the game.
  6. ~1QL awl blade, iron CoC68 - 1.03 silver ~1QL butchering knife blade, iron CoC68 - 1.03 silver ~1QL leather knife blade, iron CoC70 - 1.18 silver Cod to Zleazy
  7. pretty much the point. thanks for adding confirmation.
  8. At current it has become meta to be a priest in pvp and is on its way to becoming standard. I suggested these short term solutions to be applied while we await a much larger overhaul to faith: 1. Change sermon bonus from resets prays- to offer a reduction on spell casts cost. (helps reduce gear up time and makes becoming a priest a longer term harder goal). 2.Tangleweave becomes an AOE spell block to all priests in the area (including your own), power/10 second before they can cast again, with a resistance to having this done again to effected priests = to the time stopped. Range = 5x5+1 per linked priest (This will become a tactical use and have strong implication to using it, reduced the priest number gap without nullifying it. It then adds a positional element to being a priest) 3. Combat spells that do damage to an enemy should apply a debuff that stops natural favour regen (slows down spell spam, making using your favour or having gems more valuable.) 4. Gems debuff you be a reduced amount received for each gem you have used recently. 10*Number of Gems in passed 10seconds (using a gem resets this counter.) Bonus (Not suggested as a main change, more to have a primary combat priest) 5. Kingdom tiles change for court Magus, Shamman - No Debuff for gem use. Adds a new powerful, combat related update to this title. Flavour (Not sugested out of balance, but more flavour to statuette and material uses) 5. Statuette materials update gives a buff on casts: Gold +power (0.25 per 5ql) (General improves ability to produced pvp ready gear (e.g. Woa horse gear) Silver -cost and Difficulty ( 1%/10) (lowers costs and makes pvp enchantments attainable to lower channeling priests) Electrum - reduced casting time and cooldown recovery rate (1%per4ql). (Lowers time taken between geneis or artifact locates, adds a variable to combat casting)
  9. My first attempt at creating a solid Map for the new server i plan to launch in the coming weeks. It's built around the idea of Pmk's owning their own space/land plus giving new players room to breath and learn near the starter town.