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  1. over close plz

    i am selling,the reason i didnt do it on my real forum account was i was trying to keep the name and stats separate was in case the buyer wanted it for pvp so he or she didnt have everyone knowing the stats for the account but meh oh well
  2. Black Dragon Hunt

    i think getting blood and a peice a drake is good enough for the alts
  3. Black Dragon Hunt

    i dont like that at all
  4. WTA - 90QL Scale Set with AoSP (Buyout Accepted)

    perhaps you should put this in the auction section and not the want to sell
  5. Close Plz

  6. Close Plz

  7. Close Plz

  8. PC Rare source crystal :D

    1 iron
  9. rare saddle and 2 rare horse shoes

    20 silver, have to withdrawl sorry, good luck on the sale well worth 20+ silver
  10. **Finished**

    17 silver damnit it was over when i bid
  11. so i am sitting here looking at a merchant and i really love the cloth armor he/she has on and i would like to be able to make it to make it and walk around on deed in it, who else is with me on this? the models are made so i cant see it being that hard to add it into the game as an option for us.
  12. pushed onto chaos while sailing NO WARNING

    oh ok so im not the only one good to know
  13. pushed onto chaos while sailing NO WARNING

    ya i know, i wasnt near the boarder from what i could visually see and then i go that msg about drifting away or whatever and bam chaos, didnt know if it happened to anyone else so i put it up here so it would be seen
  14. ok so im sailing on exo was heading south got this msg, [20:41:42] If you keep going in this direction you will end up on another island. turned my boat because i didnt want to cross server. was saiiling 12km so i could get away from there fast and did so i thought. then i got this [20:42:59] You head out to sea. [20:42:59] You drift away on the "The Doom Bringer". and then i was on chaos,im only posting this because i did not get a warning, and from what i vissably seen i was far enough away from the boarder that i wouldnt cross over