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  1. This will be very handy for moving around all of our alts
  2. Did you consider building precalculated invisible paths, which would help animals generally follow the "natural lay of the land" in hilly/mountainous areas, along coasts etc? I imagine this could help reduce the mobs stuck on mountain sides problem while avoiding the pit trap problem. Another (complimentary) solution could be invisible fences, which could be used to keep most animals off mountain sides, restrict seals to areas near water and so on
  3. Would it be possible to stop or slow wilting on deed, while all villagers are off-line?
  4. That's not a "risk". That's a guarantee. This will be abused.
  5. Rather than an "Auction House" what I would really like to have, would be the ability to, from my local merchant to see the inventories of all other merchants on my server. That would often be a big help in determining where to travel for that new high QL rope tool i might need. Because for once maybe one of my neighbours might have it on his merchant, which would mean that I wouldn't have travel as far to buy it :-) Once we had that ability, next step would be a search function which could be used to for example list all long swords for sale on all the merchants of the server I'm on. The list would have to include stats and prices set for each item as well as the name of the merchant holding it. For this to be usefull we would have to have maps of the whereabouts of all merchants.
  6. I once too made a suggestion that included a search system: My conclusion was that changing merchants won't be an easy job, but none the less a change that I would really really like to see.
  7. This particular kind of cloth is obviously specially treated to be fireproof
  8. Switch Thorns to spawn on sand tiles only
  9. For how long did you observe Sol setting and rising? A full Wurm year?
  10. How about the various types of Elementary clocks (sundials, hourglasses, waterclocks)?
  11. This could be interesting if we had servers with different seasons (some servers with very short or no winter and other servers with long harsh winters), so that those who are attracted by the survival element could choose to settle on "survival" servers and those who prefer the "eternal summer" could simply choose to settle on "easy" servers.
  12. When I see the title of this thread I keep imagining a GM's hand reach down from the heavens, removing animals from the game whenever they start packing tiles
  13. I guess fullfilling all the hopes we as players have would require an army of developers and I'm afraid we don't quite have that. Luckily dreaming requires nothing but the ability to let our imagination run freely :-)
  14. How about something not too fancy, but still cool like ? (images from Commons don't appear to work?) I always loved the idea that higher altitudes could be considered colder, so that toons on mountaintops would need to wear fur in order to work efficiently.
  15. I guess there are considerable technical challenges to this, so I guess you shouldn't hold your hopes too high.