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  1. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Are you still planning to launch at 12:00am Sunday 1st November? And what time zone is that, GMT+1?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have ticked the free to deed box and made sure the box for settlement upkeep is not checked, which is how the initial deed is free no matter how large. But even with that setting it wouldn't like me increase the size or add guards free. If I remember correctly, it said upkeep would last forever with the silver in my account but that amount wasn't sufficient to resize or hire guards. A weird bug unless I did something wrong.
  3. Has anyone found that you can initially make a deed of any size (assuming no hostile mobs or dens) without worrying what the cost would normally be but that you if you later try to increase the size of a deed or add guards or whatever it won't let you because you don't have the payment? I know you can spawn a GM and add silver or whatever. Can you disband and do a new settlement or will you not end up with a settlement deed after disbanding? I'm curious about your experience.
  4. Sklotopolis - PVE

    I've always wanted to play on a server where everyone starts at the same time and so I don't feel behind (at least right from the start). Do you need to do anything special to get on your list of people? I didn't see anything on here or your forum about applying.
  5. Apologies if this has already been answered somewhere but I couldn't quite figure out the coordinate issue from some other threads talking about two different kinds of coordinates. Does anyone know the coordinates of the stones marked on the creative map, like "Central lakes" etc., to use for inputting as spawn coordinates on the server settings tab? Thanks in advance.
  6. Yes, thank you both. I think I finally understand it now. Just to be clear for people like me who don't know all the lingo, is the "client" is the thing that opens the Wurm window that lists all the servers and has tabs for "Internet", "LAN", etc.? This is my first Steam game. And I had never even clicked the dedicated server button until yesterday, but now that I have I see there is a now shortcut for that. So I think I finally understand the difference between. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the response, but I still don't understand that. Are you saying if you don't click "use dedicated server" other people can't join? That's fine because that's what I want. But leaving that box unchecked doesn't seem to take away any of the choices that would apply to having other people join, like using a password, etc. And as far as I can tell everything works exactly the same way regardless of whether you check that box other than downloading something and getting an extra icon on my desktop.
  8. Can someone explain to me exactly what "Use dedicated server" means? I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a computer genius so take that into consideration. I'm not a complete idiot either, but I can't understand the difference between checking that box and leaving it unchecked. I've done both and they seem to work exactly the same. I just want to play Wurm Unlimited as "singleplayer", I'm not trying to host anything or allow other people to play on my server. The whole setup process is very confusing (and for what it's worth, I'm with all of those people who think it is weird that you need a constant internet connection to play this game as a singleplayer game!).
  9. I would like to request that my deed be added to the map. It is called "Owls Parliament" and it is basically located at 36x 60y just west of Pirates Hold. Thanks.
  10. I wasn't requesting that the game be made easier. I understand that it's a niche game, and I appreciate that going it alone might be difficult. The topic is what could be done to make the game more attactive to players, and I assumed one of element of that is what could be done to make it attractive to NEW players. I was suggesting that fresher places to settle would be attractive to some new players instead of the feeling that you're jumping into someone else's game midway through. As for the multiplayer aspect, I am more than happy to team up with people. That is why I play MMOs instead of a solo console game. But if I'm going to team up with other players I would rather it be a group who is jointly settling someplace new to create something from scratch, not just living on someone's property that they have spent years improving already. Said another way, the notion that you are required to joint an existing village will turn some people off. That's all. So yes, one of my suggestions for making that a possibility is to have about six servers, and create a new map each year on one of those. That seems like a workable compromise because then some players have new places to explore and some players who are happy not to explore and just work on developing their plot can be confident their place isn't going anywhere for six years, which is a really long time. I have read about the erosion suggestion elsewhere but I didn't think that was workable. I am glad to hear that roads off deed decay. Someone must be doing a lot of road maintenance on Indy then! Or the place is so deeded that the majority of the roads are on deeded land.
  11. As a new player myself, I can comment on something I would change. Although I love that the game is truly a sandbox game and is so open, I wish it had more of a "frontier" or "pioneer" feel. Ideally, I would love to set up my first home in a place from which you can't even see your nearest neighbor, like farms in the old (American) West, but I would be happy with any fresh plot even if it had lots of neighbors. However, I have struggled to find a place on Independence to deed that isn't currently occupied or wasn't previously developed. Before veterans get angry and tell me I should have known better because Independence is the oldest server, I did my research before chosing a server and there are a fair number of people on these forums or other places saying that there is plenty of available land and that because Independence is four times larger than the other servers it has the lowest population density, which is why I went there. But a look at the map dump shows how extensively everything has been terraformed, which isn't really conveyed by the labeled map. (Heck, entire mountaintops have been lopped off for houses, so obviously the map has really been worked over.) While there might still be a few new places to settle, the lack of access to water at those places effectively prevents a new character (not merely a new player) from starting there. Unoccupied places near shore are likely to be too steep for a new character to level. Open space away from water requires a well, which is beyond a new player's ability. I don't want to have the play the game for months grinding skills before starting in earnest on what I consider to be the fun part, which is founding my first home and building my way up from there. My favorite part of any game is the beginning and I often start over once my character becomes too skilled. I think the land rush on Celebration is evidence that I am in good company with other people who want unspoiled land. I wish I had been around when that server opened, but after only a few short months it is already quite bustling. I did try it and spent hours walking around but couldn't find any area more remote than Independence. Perhaps that has left Deliverance or Exodus more open, but I haven't had time to create a new character to try there. Anyway, I assume they are the same as Independence and there might be available land but not undeveloped land. I also tried one of the Epic servers, Serenity. I did like the wilderness feel, but getting sufficiently far away from the spawn point has proven beyond my capabilities without getting killed. And honestly I really don't relish spending a lot of time creating my nice home only to have some other player get joy out of destroying it and killing me. That's just not my play style, and I fear those servers will only attract players who think it is fun to ruin other people's accomplishments (fair enough, that's what PvP is for). So the best you can really hope for is an abandoned site to re-develop, but there are problems with taking over an abandoned site, too. It can be hard to identify what is truly abandoned. While it would seem simple to conclude that anything is free for the taking as long as it doesn't register a message in your event log saying "You have entered [blank]", you are apt to incur the wrath of another player who was working on it. (Or who merely had his eye on it. Don't get me started on the number of people who will tell you that you must ask "permission" from neighbors before starting any project. Don't get me wrong, the people I have met in game have uniformly been very nice and also helpful. But a lot of threads on these forums include comments explaining that before developing anything you are required to make sure others in the vicinity don't have other plans for it, which is ludicrous to me. If they have plans, shouldn't they have deeded it? I don't think you can call dibs on land.) Perhaps a simple solution for new players looking for unspoiled land would be more inland lakes on new maps to make more sites feasible. After all, it seems the Independence map should be large enough for the hundred players or so that are normally online. Another possible solution is a rolling cycle of servers. For instance, every year a new server could be opened and the oldest one could be closed, or more likely every year the oldest server could be reset to scratch with a new landmass like there has been a natural disaster (but the player characters, skills, and owned personal items would not be reset). If there were a half dozen Freedom servers, six years would be as much as a player could expect I would think before you have to start a new house. (We can't expect our MMOs to last forever--see City of Heroes for proof.) Another possibility is that roads decay. Because it is really the roads that bother me the most! It just doesn't feel like I'm settling in a new place when there are already well developed roads to every nook and cranny. Old houses at least fall down eventually. Just my two cents!
  12. As a new player, I think the map dump is extremely useful for two reasons: it illustrates topography in addition to location which is useful for travel and it also gives a good idea of the extent of development of a particular area. But DM's map is great because of the labels. Ideally, a combination of the two would be perfect. At a minimum the same 64 by 64 grid overlaid on the map dump to discuss coordinates and if possible names of a few major locations, like The Howl at least. (I don't know anything about the technical aspects of creating this kind of image, so my apologies up front if I sound like one of those posters asking for the moon! I love maps and would be willing to help update a map if someone is willing to teach me how to do it. I've traveled some even as a new player--I'm one of those people trying to find a place to call my own that hasn't already been terraformed to kingdom come but yet is suitable to a newbie's skill level, as some of you who have conversed with me online might aleady know--and I've noticed when things on DM's map are no longer there or new things have popped up so I could at least contribute that experience. But kudos for what I am sure is a never-ending and thankless job!)