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  1. Ill take the C81 trowel and C91 stone chisel to "Lolly" please Thanks!
  2. Hey ... I accidently did what the other person did and sent them back! Those tick boxes should be for if you want to collect the item! grrr Could you please resend? Thanks!
  3. Ill take 1 reindeer and 1 of each green and red hat gnome. Send to "Lolly" .. thanks!
  4. 55. grooming brush.oakenwood (coc 88) ql 85 price 90c Send to "Lolly" .. thanks
  5. Hey .. i accidentally checked the wrong boxes and sent these back to you (obviously i cant read) ... i do still want them, could you please send them back? ...
  6. Hi, I accidently clicked the wrong buttons and sent the items back to you (im an idiot) .. could you please send them back? i do want them .. lol ..
  7. Ill take Rope tool, oak, QL 9,96, 89 Coc - 1s Stone chisel, iron, QL 5,62, 90 Coc - 1,5s All to "Lolly" please and thankyou
  8. Hey, Ill take the scissors 3ql 68 coc - 58c and the small anvil 13ql 86 coc - 1.72s please send both to "Lolly" ... thankyou
  9. Hey .. ill grab the Pickaxe,steel 1,74ql C 83 | 45c Hatchet,iron 36,90ql 75 coc | 40c Send to "Lolly" please and thankyou
  10. I'm relatively near local and don't love it but I go with the majority me a sheep if you will, so I'm sincere in my congrats and well dones Doesn't mean I have to like it
  11. Why you do this Tailos?! anywho, Welcome back! missed ya for a bit since you were nearly the only one online to annoy when I was
  12. You don't think i know this? hence my comment.
  13. Corsan, your post made me Lol. The spirit of an MMO is people working together? HA! Wurm has no incentive to do this. The majority of people stick to their groups, don't offer help, are rude and unhelpful, cause one trouble for doing nothing, GM/devs do nothing when something bad actually happens to you, did I mention that I said HA?! If someone wants to play solo and a million alts, that's their choice and THAT'S what a real MMO is all about. Choices. This "spirit" you talk of barely exists anymore, its pretty much one for oneself sadly. But keep thinking that if it makes you happy.