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  1. Hey Jaelus it's Shadyjesus you can go ahead and cancel my order for the steel pick with botd, thanks.
  2. Same issue no bad traits removed for animals on 2 different deeds both covered with a fo altar radius no traits removed. Mellow Mountain and Mellow Waters R-10 harmony. -ShadyJesus
  3. Could you COD this item to "ILostMyTaco" Exodus Meditation Rug 40QL 84CoC 1.20s Please and thank you ^.^
  4. I'm having a problem with my crocodile when it becomes untamed attacking me through my inner wall. I put a single tamed pet into this small 4 tile area which includes 3 grass tiles surrounded by fence and a tile of inner wall in a "T" shape (arched wall on the outside, two walls, and a double door). I had a cat in there for a while until it died of old age and had no problems with it attacking me through the wall when it was untamed. So I replaced it with a crocodile. However, when he became untamed I went home to tame it and it was capable of hitting me through the double doors (before I even open them) and through one of the side walls but not through the other wall. On the corner of the right wall and the double door it should mesh together, but a large chunk is missing. Here are a few pictures of the inner wall/outside arched wall: /> /> /> I cant stand within a tile of these walls without being attacked. Also when trying to tame him I have to stand on the outside of the arched wall or It says I cant reach him. If anyone knows a fix to this please respond.