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  1. Hello, Pickaxe, Steel 90.02 woa80 .80 Shovel, Iron 90.76 woa81 .80 C.O.D to Keltmir
  2. I got some new shiny horses here. Really quick and very friendly service, I definitely recommend it.
  3. Update: 9x sleep powders are still on sale
  4. I have 9 sleep powder for sale - 1s each or 7s if you take all nine. I can deliver them to any starting deed on Xana.
  5. Dioptra received! Thank you very much!
  6. Hello, if you are still in business I want to order: Dioptra 80QL c.o.d. to Lebarthos
  7. Hi, I can make you 80ql studded leather armour. Where are u exactly on Release? You can also pm me in game (the same nick - Thorodan)
  8. Thanks for mailbox enchant! It's great to see such generous member of the community.
  9. Wow! Such a nice idea. Could you also visit my deed and enchant my mailbox? I'm on C19 square, Deer Friend's Island. It's marked on community map, too.
  10. COD to me 70QL brush, chiesel and spindle
  11. Great! I know that it'll take you some time, so just send them to me when you finish.
  12. I would like to order 90 ql ropetool with 80 woa cast on it, and if it is possibile low ql one with 80 coc cast. C.O.D them to Thorodan.
  13. Stone Chisel, iron: QL80, WoA82, CoC73 (3s) Please CoD to Thorodan