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  1. when you said good scifi, i thought you meant this one:
  2. where in brazil do you live fernando. im visiting there in a year or two more pics (from iaqb)
  3. would be interesting to see some guesses
  4. haha still holding back with the pictures upload ALL the pics
  5. lol nerd, show the good pics! and wox definitly made more pics than that!
  6. confirmation that you are alive!!! im so reliefed! 18:00 8pm can easily be confused. you are not old! not sure why you didnt answer phone though. i hope it didnt get stolen or anything. and its weird the hotel told me you guys had checked out. i called them on sunday.
  7. there are more pictures but they still need to be uploaded i gues! but in summary, friday kaih iaqb and i went to the red light cannal 5minutes from my place to look at the girls. after this we went to the coffeeshop to buy some products. Kaih went to the staff dinner while iaqb and i baked some muffins and waited for milp, and in the night we went to amsterdam to meet up with the wurm staff, who had a staff dinner. we chat up, ate muffins drank some beer in the bar. then i was supposed to guide everyone to a fun place. we walked a circle and came back to the same bar then we decided to leave. everyone sorta went in different directions though we had to go to the same place. Though we were supposed to meet eachother tomorrow, this was the last we heard of spage/lisjoan, still not sure what happened to them. Rolf and his guys were smart to take a cab. while milp iaqb and i got horribly lost in the city. in our minds it took 2 hours to find the station, walking for half an hour running into signs saying 1,4km 1,2km 0,9km to station. At station, we missed 2 trains so waited 2 more hours. Later we found out we only walked max for 30min, but we did wait for 2 hours. The next day we were to meet the rest during the day. we were a bit late and luckily everyone had found eachother already. we met everyone for the first time. expections and reality never really matching. but everyone was really cool and you realise that you may dislike someone in games, but they are still real people and fun to be with. we walked trough the red light, but it was still daylight so it was not that interesting. i ofcourse wasnt an amazing guide either in this city i dont know too well. we saw the condomeria, some sex museums and girls and lots of coffeeshops. it was up to people to look around though, as i just randomly guided them trough some red light streets. we ate some dinner got some tshirts and rolf was generous to pay for it all!!!! after dinner, it was time to go to the meeting place. there.. still no spage/lisjoan, phoning them had no result. but the meeting went on. we had alot of talking, not only about wurm but also about life and what we did around wurm. we took lots of pictures as group and eventually split up to go to a new bar, and some to go home. at the new bar it was more noisy. some people got sleepy from the muffins i think, while others got more energy. by then however most topics were talked about and it was more light conversation. we took some more pictures and went home. i split up to have a look at a bar ive been before. it seemed rather empty though so i went home aswell. kaih was awake to open the door for me. and during the next days people left my appartment and i asume the others left their hotels. phoning spages hotel showed he had checked out so was atleast alive Iaqb was here still for sunday so we went into my city where the tour was a bit better. on the way back, we went past the red light cannal again and choose the girls we liked most, iaqb had the best taste when i chose his girl aswell (in our imaginary contest) iaqb baked some eggs with sausages his mom made. we watched some movies, went to sleep and iaqb just left towards the airport was a good week
  8. hehe, ive phoned the hotel spage and lisjoan were staying. it seems they checked out. not sure why they arent answering their phone, but atleast they are alive.
  9. was fun. too bad spage and lisjoan have gone missing. ill have to phone their hotel but does anyone know their real life names?
  10. we got destroyed yesterday. still waking up but some others are in town already somewhere
  11. Sadly, no they don't. It wasnt much bigger than my foot. Only 72, and Ive never ever managed to capture a shark or marlin above 10.90 ql yet thats cool and all, but lol.. come to the city we are about to leave and hope to meet you guys (at around 22:00)
  12. sure, also coming tonight? iaqb and i just baked muffins
  13. tonight we are going to be in amsterdam at 22:00 where we will join rolf after his staff dinner and i cant say yet what time we will leave on saturday. it depends how crazy tonight gets