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  1. Alright, I wrote the first "answer" that could have been used without even knowing the question and it worked. I have logged in. Many stuff is the same, many stuff changed, oh the nostalgy. Thanks you can close this.
  2. It doesn't work: it says "you must insert between 1-20 letters". Tried with a space but it gave no errors, just went back to the previous step "insert the email". Could anyone please trigger the send email on your admin side? Or something else...
  3. Hi guys, I have issues with the forgot password functionality and i'm unable to retrieve my account I used to play wurm 11 years ago, but got nostalgic the "Challenge phrase" on the forgot password page is totally empty so I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me? Screenshot attached:
  4. Could you please (also) use an UTC+0 format when giving out events?
  5. - Turning torso/legs - Weapon and shield attached to the hand - visible armour Well. ###### just got real.
  6. I will upload the 3 entries on imgur and attach them here. Tell me via PM if it's better to post URLs only, if the image is too much large. Entry 1: Entry 2: Entry 3: - - First submissions: 2012/05/27
  7. The new frontpage looks marvelous
  8. Anyone here? Level 6 path of love, NW of map. Anyone close to me?
  9. For some reason that day the menu overlay under "Modify profile" was not showing up to me, that's why I was confused about this obvious SMF feature. Thanks, though.
  10. Is it me or I cannot change the timezone that the forum is currently using? Where's this setting? I'm UTC+1 and instead it is showing the time as if it were UTC+7, this is really frustrating
  11. Meh, they spawned all around our village and they seem invincible. So, in the end what do we need to kill them? Mag spell?
  12. Name: Fabryz's Shipyard Location: New BroVegas, around 11x 17y, North West coast Offering: from rowboats to caravels. No, no more caravels. Nope. Fun fact: I hate pegs. No, wait. I hate square sails more. Started to like shipbuilding since the old JKHome server. Once moved on Freedom I started grinding since the first days and then selling them. Had some popularity and used to have clients all around the NW coast, used to deliver to Samling or even toward Darkenstone. We now have 1x shipyard, 1x docks with decent piers, and planned another piered docks. I have 71 ShipBuilding, but I have now moved to Epic for a while (in JKH Kingdom). So I'm not taking orders for the moment, but have few ships in stock. My 2nd topic with clients and stuff, the bigger old one got deleted on forum switch: http://wurmonline.com/forum/index.php?topic=61225.0
  13. The "Save to image" function doesn't seem to be working for me, what to do? Also, can't we pan around? Why doesn't zoom keep the current centered area I am watching on the viewport?
  14. Sold some sailboats, stock list updated: 1x 52QL cedarwood Small rowing boat 1x 52QL cedarwood Small Sailing boat