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  1. New world has an interesting read as to why they made pvp toggled. They found majority of players were fine but that 1% could really make players life hell by griefing. They found there was always one high level lingering around low level areas prohibiting them from playing. This is also my experience with open world pvp in about 15 or so mmorpgs in my lifetime. Kingdom games are worst because you have something to lose and a Zerg almost always forms as people want to stop getting bullied and want access to the good areas etc. in Wurm I know there’s people who literally didn’t log off the first week of steam launch lol. I knew I had no chance to compete this isn’t a skill based game. that said pvp in building games almost always fails on an mmorpg setting because of time to create vs destroy being so drastic. With small communities like this you’re often fighting your friend so you don’t want to actually destroy his stuff and at that point it’s just a friendly duel. If you take it seriously and destroy each other’s stuff then one side loses and usually quits because of time to recover. I think it’s really hard for small studios to balance pvp regardless. It becomes too much headache and players will find too many ways to destroy other peoples fun. Griefing is a real problem. It only takes one person on a game this small too.
  2. I just want additional recipes creatures isn’t necessary we hardly see anything but spiders anyway. plus beyond treasure maps no one leaves home. Give us more decorations
  3. Life is feudal failed mmo got sold to Chinese company and the dev studio is pretty much failed. rising world is the closest. as far as weird, oldie Goldie games - a tale in the desert dual universe
  4. I would like if we could have a book that records are biggest and smallest fish as well as Bait for each type that worked. simple request
  5. It isn’t about being poor as much as it’s about demographic. The price is in euros and this game attracts people from all over the world and the conversions can be priced high
  6. At this point wouldn’t you agree that the multiple failed attempts at reviving pvp, that the time would be just better spent focusing on improving pve? Why bother to continue dev time on pvp when you’ve got what 30 actual players?
  7. I think what's limiting them from making the FTP more rewarding is the pvp side of things. It's really easy to grief with FTP accounts.
  8. While I agree, I don't think wurm could do it any other way efficiently. Although honestly it feels like this should have been rolled up into the archeology profession as treasure hunting, which is digging for clues of treasure. Would make sense. Anyway, I would say it rolls in quite nicely with the existing game. I have to do these tasks here and there, get a map, and I save them for the weekend. Works out great for a side distraction. I think some people want to do just treasure maps 24/7 and that's not really what they're meant to be.
  9. The four that come to mind that could benefit from MOI rolls - Woodcutting is an obvious no brainer. Fishing. Drops on Monsters (not animals). forestry (gathering from trees/bushes).
  10. I just experienced this with a guy I recruited. He was playing all day and then finally completed a large cart only to find out he can't ride it unless he goes premium. His exact response was, "Welp if I come back tomorrow it'll be premium, otherwise have a nice life." I think the current model needs a complete overhaul and to make the new user experience more friendly. Wurm is a fantastic game for people who just want to chill and build stuff. A lot of the players are also from other countries, and the currency wurm uses is EURO which is incredibly expensive for some.
  11. simple equation of time to make, vs time to lose. Griefing while not online. Players who no life and are way stronger. would always lose to groups. also in today's day and age why would I play wurm to pvp? The graphics suck, the combat is overly complicated under the hood, and ultimately just comes down to time spent playing. I play this to chill and relax, build some stuff, role play, and go to bed peacefully at night. When I want to cut some heads off I play chivalry 2. This questions is dumb. It's like going to The Sims 4 forum and asking why people don't want the game to have pvp. It's The Sims. Sorry to say it, but Wurm Online is The Sims Medieval. Years ago when these graphics were state of the art, and MUDS were all the rage I wanted pvp in Wurm. Now? I am old and just want to play The Sims with my village mates.
  12. The only way this would work is if people could respec when they want, but I don't believe the benefits justify the effort to code such a system. Maybe in another game, Wurm 2?
  13. So one of the things that's always irked me is that I'm always eating pizza. I am digitally sick of it! I was thinking, how to fix this? It's just so beneficial I can't see myself stopping! Then I thought, what about when the season changes, you get a craving for a new food? Eating this recipe/food will provide significant benefits towards your nutrition/etc more so than other foods. The cravings could even be centered around dishes that use what's in season.