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  1. Looking for a new home on Desertion, Just returned from being away. Thank you all in advance -Chronos
  2. That you for all your helpful responses, I'll get 5 masonry. @caderyn: I did, they said nothing helpful except I should look it up. Also when I looked it up, many were saying it was bug. But now I stand corrected
  3. #1: Wouldn't let me build stone wall on flat surface #2: I expected my wall to be built #3: Flatten the surface all around, try to build stone wall # What happened # What you expected to happen # Steps to reproduce
  4. Building on my deed my whole deed is FLAT Masonry is only 1, but didn't think that would matter since it's ALL FLAT Sad face
  5. Message me and we can discuss price.
  6. I have ate their pancakes, and I have to say. The guards who serve them make em bitter XD I got owned XD
  7. My buddies and I are in Chaos server and want to join JK I don't know how else to initiate it but to make a thread.
  8. I would love to join MR (which ACTUALLY I think I have). But currently I am at Gold Coast. Lost and Lonely =( I hope to hear back from the leaders of MR. -Chronos
  9. The title says it all, Add waterfalls for cinematic and actual uses. Source of water? (of course) Source of power?(maybe) maybe integrating some sort of need for water in field and waterfalls could be used to help? Who knows, but this would be awesome
  10. *FIXED* Downloaded Java 6