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  1. Yet, you had to post on it. hope you voted and hope the door doesnt hit you on the way out.
  2. Whatever dude!! I pay, I play and I have an enchanter so this that topic and this topic are important. Since they think badgering is an acceptable way to get it changed I am using badgering to show it does not need to be changed. Send me money or stop telling me what do with my free time in respect to the game. Their idea is terrible and it seems (using their version of the past) that if I just ignore it they will badger Rolf into making the change. I can not get behind that and so I wanted to get some numbers on it to show the devs the topic is stuck in circle mode. Just people used to being treated as if their poo doesnt stink do not like allowing people to do the same thing they want to do....badger them into letting the topic die.
  3. Just want to get some numbers on this so we can get a feel about http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/82281-should-enchanted-grass-be-changed-devs-the-numbers-are-in-please-fix-enchanted-grass/ being a dead topic.
  4. Yes, I can enchant grass on my alt because and I have it my alt's deed. Lot of people said they did enchant FEW got around to doing it or accepting money so I did it myself. So now that my opinions do count again we can all know this does effect me; like it or not this is about me too. Also just because you seem to need it to know it: my alt is a prem account, I am a prem, have a deed over 15 tiles and my statements are made not out of jealousy but contempt for people (cats like you) trying to badger a system that works fine. So let me ask you do you have 4 prem accounts? If not, you should get more before talking to me like you know me or think you can assume anything about me besides: I think your idea sucks. I guess you do not really need to assume it as I have told you I think it sucks, you can assume what I think about you if you would like. Do not count me in your minority that thinks of itself as the majority; I do not want to get whatever you got on me or my alts. As for the rest of your rant...not, even worth a reply as it is just more self serving dribble about how Rolf should run his game in the middle of the same dead topic. Still a -1 to the whole idea, -1 to the vote and +1 to this being a dead topic. p.s edit.- I gotta say it was SO much fun to throw in your face that I can enchant and as one I still disagree with you...so in your face -~
  5. LoL, nah I like it better when no-one can use it the way it was. This topic is dead, should be closed and I am putting down my stick.
  6. You had me until you got to this line; as I see animals in the wild once again so I agreed with you. Then you sneak in this enchanted grass should be forever solution clause under the cloak of have the means to get it forever as being limited. There should never be a way, means or otherwise to create a setting in which enchanted grass never decays or gets packed inmho. If you get behind this then I want see you get behind: My enchanted axes, saws and carving knives should neither lose quality through use if i am a prem player nor should they if they are being stored on a deed greater than 15 tiles. We can argue that this is in fact just as limiting as usage and storage decay is; just directly better for me.
  7. Oddly enough I agree with this BSB and suggested it in a post about things I was shocked to find out were not in wurm. It gives you the best of both worlds, imho, something that when filled gives AH skill and when filled meets the needs the enchanted people need/want WITHOUT enchanted grass turning into the thing that sets people like me off.
  8. I think you bet on the wrong horse on this one; pun intended. Everything you suggest serves the needs of hoarders or what Rolf clearly defined as actions he wishes to end. I am so confused on how making AH an easier skill to gain helps anything outside creating a setting to foster a culture of perfect stat animal hoarders in record time. Feel free to explain your logic in greater detail to me on that one if priv message, here or where ever because I can not see how that would help anyone but a select few. It is like you all are in a state of denial about what has happened and why; enchanted grass is but the tip of the iceberg in respect to this revolution or revolt against Rolf. The so called iceberg comes down to do you accept the creator of the game's vision on his game or do you not. This is a very far cry from lamp oil IMHO. Making feeding animals boost the AH skill to me is as silly as repairing a hatchet giving you wood cutting skills. It is quite clear that Rolf decided to make certain tasks difficult and remove the means to make things easier. Deploying a feeding solution as an idea would go against the trend to reduce the ease in which animals are kept. Why would feeding give you an AH skill boost when it is really just planting which already is bound to a set of skills? Cutting grass already gives you a skill increase, planting the said grass/flower already gives you a skill increase and enchanting the grass already gives you a skill increase why would those tasks equal AH skill. Like i said confused on how your logic includes feeding as another skill that gets increased in these tasks; unless I think like someone who wants more animals then Rolf thinks you need. If you were talking hand feeding I could maybe get behind your idea of it counting as an AH skill but I doubt anyone on your side will accept hand feeding at all. As your idea stands now how does the code know this grass is meant to feed animals and that grass is just to make my "yard"? I do not think it would be fair at all if just planting grass gave you an AH bonus anymore than my hatchet giving me WC skills from repair/creation. Land full of people with perfect AH or WC while they have never done the tasks currently related to those skills is all that your plan would foster. Living longer, removing inbreeding and restoring old enchanted grass all are things that have been covered before and still in my mind are just things to serve hoarders. It is so clear he wanted to completely and utterly change the way AH worked so much so that he destroyed the systems that allowed you to do so in the past. The one thing I never see from your side of the discussion is the hint that at some point in the distance future you will ADAPT how you used to do it switching a mode of how you need to do it. Because you said it best yourself, "All his tactics make AH harder, forcing us to keep even more than before to keep up." That is the end goal that he has posted on, taken steps toward and done more even as these protests have been going on yet you are all still looking for ways to keep doing it the old way. Including attempting to keep more when you know the goal is to keep less....this is not about the game as a whole it is about how can you do what you want even when it conflicts with the creator's vision. As an example I will use your example. I would not like it if enchanted faded but If I had an enchanted tool sitting in a box that would randomly lose its enchants I would start doing one of two things: See the new way things are working and adapt to the new way of things; rather then putting items in storage expecting them to work the old way. Stop buying/making enchanted items I do not need nor sell since they might go worthless on me if they lay around. (aka end my hoarding of things) A system of adapting might work for your team or side in respect to animals and bring peace to the forums. Because if I am reading this right, at least you and four others, are banking your hopes on badgering him into changing it due to the changes in the past. That seems like it is a lot of wishful thinking about changing a whole process back to a pre-nov 2012 world. It is wishful thinking to me more so since the only he has done is further restrict animal hoarding and his releases on the subject show his clear direction with this. I might be a jerk in some people's mind but I am a betting man and your pony has some slim odds at best.
  9. Why does he have to realize that or any thing? This is a prime example of the core of the issue I have with the "other side". Your side seems to think there is this magic list of cause and effect with Rolf; that when certain events have happened he has to act in a certain manner. The reality is it is his game so by default he ALWAYS gets to decide what he does with it and he always gets to decided what external factors have bearing on what he decides/does. So from my point of view you all can have 4+ threads on the same topic, polls, logical discussions, illogical discussions, fruit throwers, brown-nosing and even people you feel are jerks involved...but none of those things can MAKE rolf do anything. In the past I am told who ever was playing the part of "your side" might have badgered him into making changes they wanted. However using my logic he decided using whatever reasons he wanted regardless of us all; badgering, counter-badgering badgering or a lack of badgering might have had no effect on the outcome. I also find it funny that your reasoning is a veiled threat of economic downturn as well as a cloaked demand to enslave himself to your side's thinking regardless of his personal feelings in respect to mechanics. I dislike the attempts to use veiled threats, insight into a business model in which we are just consumer and opinions stated as logic/sense in respect to grass changes; as I still think grass is fine.
  10. Really? I was being nice counting the days "this" thread was open. If you want to really get down and dirty. The user who started this not really working for you guy's thread ALSO started: Enchanted Grass Decay Too High? Started by Talilon, Apr 10 2013 08:35 AM http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/79121-enchanted-grass-decay-too-high/?hl=+enchanted +grass Which is sort of interesting when this went no-where two and half months later he starts this thread to "get some numbers". Even with numbers 30+ days later you all are on the same path you were 4 months ago....no-where. So maybe it is your camp that does not know how these things work. I know you said it might take longer but I want to remind you that this whole topic has gone on much longer. Almost a year ago on Nov 2012 (that is TWENTY TWELVE) Rolf made pretty clear his feelings on the changes he made and would make when he said: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/69657-rate-of-enchanted-grass-packing-is-way-too-high/page-3#entry687425 Is that enough time? Do you need a full year? lol You seem to fault me for doing the VERY SAME thing your side of the discussion is doing and I didn't see you tell them to sit down (do you need me to link those for you?). I do not waste time so I call a spade a spade and whining whining; the only thing I am not guilty of is starting a bunch of threads on a topic the game creator answered, adjusted more to his statement and has not said anything since. You can feel free to priv message me all you want or we can continue to play here if you like. I will discuss it anywhere because I (like you) am just sticking up for my and other's right to express this this is a terrible idea whenever you all say it is great. I will play along with you, "I like grass the way it is, think anyone who suggest it is bad wants to be a hoarder and I enjoy the fallout by people like you as try to make Rolf change. Almost a year is a long time to hear no, but you all have been IGNORED and still keeping going what is not to love about that?" . So in closing know you are no different than me do not let yourself think otherwise. Only difference outside our stances is you just took longer and used kinder words to call me a troll A trait I think whiners have.
  11. No, I wont ignore it as I feel a counter voice is needed. A voice to express that some people (clearly not you) think grass now works fine and touching it would only serve a small section of people (clearly you). This change was part of the no hoarding animals fixes (which i think were good) so in my mind as grass is already set the best for the game and the player base (well minus you). I disagree with your purpose it seems to me (can quote you your own comments if you like) that you are attempting to badger the Devs into doing what you want and actively trying to hush those who disagree with you. I for one think it might be a time to post a vote on closing this thread or at least vote on getting you sticks to beat the horse more effectively. As you said my only other option is to stand by and watch you whine your way into a change I think is worthless...see I am not good at standing around either when I see something I too rise up. So you must forgive me for using the same rights you feel you have; unless you got a reason why your rant should be allowed and mine should just go away (being a jerk does not count FYI). See last month taking that stance did nothing but confuse me as I thought YOU were leaving. I hope I get a clearer response from you this time than I did last month. I kept the lines count down (an issue for you) yet was able to still state how I think what you are trying to do is bad for the game (which I guess makes me a jerk). I hope the picture helped this time too as I did not need to explain in text how the majority of people ARE NOT beating the horse only a few are.
  12. I think you both got and missed my point. I am only aiming for those need to be aimed for; I am not some crazy no focused serieal treechopper. The happy lucky people who's village is about holding hands, petting zoos and friendship gardens have nothing to fear. I walk right past those guys as they are maybe confused on which server was the best for them but harmless overall. I like to show those, who really are carebears, that their version of PVP is soft and everything they preach about is just them trying to make everyone else a carebear. I target the bullies. Those who exploit noobs and those who need to see "lining up to fight" is silly. My PVP might be warped but the business end of my PVP has never just been aimed at a clueless noob. (note: now if the noob knows chaos is running toward their village/deed and still decides to stand by their friend that is different they are guilty in my mind as well)