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  1. [21:46:42] <Darwin> I am realtime entertainment.
  2. Quote of the year: [21:54:09] <Quasiwud> i dont want to change the area....
  3. I tend to agree. On the other hand we should keep in mind that a commercial game needs a certain amount of paying players in order to survive. So, the niche must not be too small
  4. You are fast! This latest update was released even before the Wurm patch went online! Thanks for an awesome tool.
  5. I would love to see this! +1
  6. WurmClock works great for me (same settings, btw)
  7. In addition to the OP suggestion: why does there have to be any terraforming at all? What is the reason for a rift altering the existing landscape - nobody really needs that and nobody ever asked for it. (Maybe the devs thought this might be a "cool feature", but they should have realized by now that the community does not really share their opinion ) So: please remove the terraforming done by rifts, and (as suggested several times before) confine the rifts to certain special areas that are unused and undeveloped by players.
  8. -1 There is nothing wrong with taking items from disbanded deeds. Having a deed disband (either deliberately or by lack of upkeep) means the previous owner lost interest in keeping it, thereby leaving their stuff to the public. Anything that is not secured is free to take for any player, that's the rules.
  9. Great job, Yaga - thanks. This really helps me to understand the world of Wurm Online better.