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  1. Tower Guards + Animals Attacking Horses.

    Thats me! also +1 to OP
  2. North East Wurm Meetup (August Timeframe)

    No to NJ that place is nasty to many drunk people on shorelines.
  3. North East Wurm Meetup (August Timeframe)

    What part of New York will we be in?
  4. Disease

    well deserved bump if I say so myself.
  5. North East Wurm Meetup (August Timeframe)

    I refuse to drink the water down there.
  6. North East Wurm Meetup (August Timeframe)

    Canada please, easier for me to get to.
  7. Battle Rank Change

    I lol'd as I dropped below 1100 then went to 1091, within 2 days I was 1032. Simply stupid.
  8. You Should Try Out Epic!

    Hey, I feel this Epic recruitment thread is rather biased at this part right here. The mongols are not bad people, just some of us are trolls.
  9. New Wilds

  10. Sickle Of Awakening (Made By Rolf)

    They made a sickle after great khan I see.
  11. Fo's Own Kingdom?

    Jackburton forum level: God Tier.
  12. Make Pigs More Useful

    Pigs are the best for taming at early levels, took me roughly 20 minutes to get 30 taming with an affinity on epic.