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  1. Change colour of Own actions in event so stand out from those of others, or the ability to only show own actions in event window. Will make it a lot easier when improving Boats, when a lot of people working in local (eg. Holy Sites)
  2. Rift - funny area but a few good fighting areas from Safe Area follow Log trail,1534
  3.,1976 Guard tower Birdybeback 778
  4. Indi Rift 10-Feb-2023 - Nice area again,1967 to check time
  5. Nice area for Indy Rift 1-Feb-2023,1024
  6. Took a Bedroll out of saddlebag along with 12 cotton when starting Rift. After Rift I tried putting bedroll back into empty saddle bags and got an error message . [08:29:38] A bedroll won't fit in some saddle bags. This was the same saddlebag I had taken it out from. Note: the saddlebag has no runes on it. The bedroll has [09:20:14] A zinc rune of Libila has been attached, so it will reduce weight (10%).
  7. have 3 available all 70+ql with 70+coc 77coc - 1s77c 73coc - 1s73c 72coc - 1s72c plus cod 10c on Inde - 20c on other servers PM me if you want one mailed
  8. Got serveral 70+ql 72coc - 1s72c 73coc - 1s73c 77coc - 1s77c 83coc - 2s46c all plus cod (10c for inde 20c other servers) PM me in forum if you reuire any.
  9. 80ql Toolbelt sent will be available in about 30 min. (90c = 70c plus 20c cod) Thanks for the order Note: these keybinds make it a lot easier to use toolbelt bind 1 ACTIVATE_TOOL1 bind 2 ACTIVATE_TOOL2 etc.
  10. I send it via mail, you go to any mailbox and collect it - money is taken from your bank account when you collect - Price plus (delivery charge - 10c if same sever 20c if different server)
  11. Have some on my merchant at Reborn 15x15y (Inde) 80ql 70c or can mail one to you (70c plus 10c or 20c for cod)
  12. sent to jacobw will be there in 30 min.
  13. I sell 70ql toolbelts of my merchant at Reborn for 50c so can mail you one for 50c + 20c postage (total 70c)
  14. Keep getting the same problem
  15. Lost from house in Reborn due to server restart Golden Horse called Mountainrage Cared for by Crest and branded (Reborn) If seen please PM here or in game (same Name) ty