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  1. you go...have at it..Have been quiet from day one about lags and crashes knowing people are working on the game and knowing others are reporting the very same errors so staff has to be tired of hearing about it....well Im quiet no more..just purely here is two of hundreds of crashlogs i have had since I began here. and here is the second one. Enjoy
  2. Ty for prompt responses.
  3. Just as the topic says, I'm looking for a price check on 11 hand mirrors, silver (3 are 70ql, 8 are 60ql). Please post or pm me here if you know.
  4. Once again, I'm a very happy customer. Prompt service with a smile. Always great prices. Will return when more is needed.
  5. All Gems sold. Ty both Gwendolyn and Camaril for your purchases
  6. I sent a pm to you here
  7. Excellent service, fast response and delivery. Recommend greatly.
  8. What are the chances of having two horses, different ages, different parents, same color, opposite sex, with same name? Whatever the odds are it happend to me...have one Male Flashraid(born some time ago) and one Female Flashraid(born within the last 24 hours). Good to know now that its not as improbable as I once Flashraid #1 (male) Flashraid #2 (female)
  9. No longer available
  10. Logging in today and trying to find the new foal that was born was a chore due to all horses on deed were piled up one on top of the other. Can someone please fix this so that it doesnt happen anymore...becoming rather annoying when the grass to replace is always in the same corner and more and more of it is disappearing from the corner due to the haphazard pile up of horses for whatever reason.