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  1. Good overall account. Starting bid: €500, no silvers. Paypal Only. Reserve: hidden Min increase: €10 Sniper protection: 2 hours End time: Friday 14th 20:00 CEST Buyout: Give me an offer been an idle account for over a year. No premium, 3 referrals left that can be activated for ~60 days premium time. No items, stuck on Xanadu R12 without any transportation. basic plate armour without a helmet, maul and shield. Crooked of the path of knowledge. Oldschool account, 13+ years of wurm history. 112 titles, some unique ones (if nothing has changed since i quit) For example: Clairvoyant keeper of faith Ageless I reserve the right to cancel the auction without reason if i feel like it.
  2. Selling in game currency. 1s=1€ Payment method: Paypal Account location: Xanadu, if nothing has changed people from chaos cannot Cod/mail an item. Minimum purchase: 50s money on paypal first, ingame money afterwards
  3. WTS Gold, 1s=1€ (all sold)

    1g90s left.
  4. WTS Gold, 1s=1€ (all sold)

    Bump, 3g sold. 2g70s left.
  5. WTS Gold, 1s=1€ (all sold)

    bump, some more silver sold. few gold left.
  6. WTS Gold, 1s=1€ (all sold)

    bump, another 60s sold.
  7. WTS Gold, 1s=1€ (all sold)

    bump, 30s sold.
  8. [Closed]2x Bag of keeping

    2 bag of keepings for sale. Old gift back in the days (2005). Size of a waterskin and keeps the items with you when you die. More info: Starting bid: 80s/€80 (40s/€40 each) Reserve: None Pickup: Xanadu R12, deed called gothenburg. The item is not mailable since it is a no-drop item. End time: Saturday 20:00 (UTC+2) Sniper protection: 30 minutes Buyout: PM me with an offer. Highest bidder: Bok#1: 83s - beastwolf Bok#2: 83s - beastwolf
  9. [Closed]2x Bag of keeping

    just to get an end to this. i have changed the sniper protection to be 30 minutes.
  10. [Closed]2x white drake sets

    Winner is Baramor and Zeafaw. Will contact in PM.
  11. [Closed]2x white drake sets

    Selling two white drake sets. starting bid: 80s/€80 each Reserve: None Buyout: 120s/€120 each Sniper bid protection: 2 hours End time: Saturday 20:00 (UTC+2) Pickup: Xanadu, R12. Deed called gothenburg or mail (can only mail to freedom characters, not in a kingdom on chaos) Payment: Paypal or ingame coins No helm included Drake 1: Drake 2:
  12. [Closed]2x Bag of keeping

    sniper bid protection is on so the auction will run another 1hr55min i will be gone for 2 hours so i cannot read any private bids.
  13. [Closed]2x Bag of keeping

    1 hour left.
  14. [Closed]2x white drake sets

    Current leaders: Drake#1: 85s - Baramor Drake#2: 85€ - Zeafaw be aware of sniper bid protection time, the auction will run for +40 more minutes than set auction time. i will be gone for 2 hours so i cannot read any private bids.
  15. [Closed]2x Bag of keeping

    Current leaders: Bok#1: 69s - Lundu Bok#2: 66s - Beastwolf.
  16. [Closed]2x Bag of keeping

    less than a day left. Current leader: Bok#1: 60s - Beastwolf Bok#2: 60s - Beastwolf
  17. [Closed]2x white drake sets

    less than a day left.
  18. [Closed]2x Bag of keeping

    Sorry for the confusion. i forgot to put in the that it is for each of them. Since it was a mistake on my behalf i will keep the auction running as it is (it is allowed to bid on both or seperatly) The reserve has been met so the BoK(s) will be sold. Current highest bidder: Beastwolf with 1g. (50s each BoK) if anyone wish to bid just for 1 bok it is allowed. Highest bid is 50s sofar for each BoK.
  19. Going to sell this account, but i have no idea of the current market. Let me know what he could be worth so i can put in a startbid or throw me a good offer and i will sell it. level 9-10 path of knowledge, not premium but got 3 referals not used so can be premmed up right away. No items or money.
  20. Auction over, will try and PM the people tonight. if not tomorrow.
  21. Starting bid: 1s/1e each End time: Sunday 20:00 (UTC+2?) Reserve:None Pickup: R12 gothenburg Xandu or mail, not in a kingdom on chaos so i guess i cannot mail to that server.
  22. Current bids: 77ql great helm: 10s - wurmhole 76ql great helm: 10s - wurmhole 82ql longsword: 5€ - lulu 91ql longsword: 10€ - toolhead 75ql longsword: 5€ - lulu 70ql longsword: 5€ - lulu Basinet helm: 11s - faty