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  1. Hi!

    I was wondering if youre still selling those 90ql carving knifes?


    If yes, send one to Viner.



  2. Good overall account. Starting bid: €500, no silvers. Paypal Only. Reserve: hidden Min increase: €10 Sniper protection: 2 hours End time: Friday 14th 20:00 CEST Buyout: Give me an offer been an idle account for over a year. No premium, 3 referrals left that can be activated for ~60 days premium time. No items, stuck on Xanadu R12 without any transportation. basic plate armour without a helmet, maul and shield. Crooked of the path of knowledge. Oldschool account, 13+ years of wurm history. 112 titles, some unique ones (if nothing has changed since i quit) For example: Clairvoyant keeper of faith Ageless I reserve the right to cancel the auction without reason if i feel like it.
  3. bump, some more silver sold. few gold left.
  4. Selling in game currency. 1s=1€ Payment method: Paypal Account location: Xanadu, if nothing has changed people from chaos cannot Cod/mail an item. Minimum purchase: 50s money on paypal first, ingame money afterwards
  5. just to get an end to this. i have changed the sniper protection to be 30 minutes.
  6. Winner is Baramor and Zeafaw. Will contact in PM.
  7. sniper bid protection is on so the auction will run another 1hr55min i will be gone for 2 hours so i cannot read any private bids.