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  1. Shoulderpads: 75ql small shoulder pad 1s. 75ql double shoulder pad 1s. 75ql triple shoulder pad 1s. 75ql left elaborate shoulder pad 1s. 75ql exquisite shoulder pad 1s. 50ql crafted shoulder pad 1s. Potions: 86ql armorsmithing potion 2s. 65ql, 72ql & 77ql leatherworking potions 1.5s each. 89ql leatherworking potion 2.5s. 89ql & 90ql fletching potions 1.5s each. 63ql,68ql & 89ql acid pots 25c each. Sleep powder, 1s each.
  2. Sold dragon shoulder pad, WS'ing ,and AS'ing potions. Bump.
  3. Never been worn down, unused shoulder pads, jewelry & potions. Contact Baddbob either ingame or on the forums for anything not tagged with a price. Shoulder pads: 75ql small shoulder pad, cotton 1s 75ql double shoulder pad, cotton 1s 75ql triple shoulder pad, leather 1s 75ql left elaborate shoulder pad, leather 1s 75ql left layered shoulder pad, steel 1s 25ql dragon shoulder pad, steel 2s Jewelry: 25ql dark ring, seryll 75ql ring of the eye, seryll 75ql huge sword bracelet, seryll 75ql socketed ring, seryll Potions: Weaponsmithing pots are 2s for the lows, 3s for the highs. Armorsmithing pots are 1.5s for the lows, 2.5s for the highs. Tailoring pots 1.25s each. Leatherworking pots are 2s and 3s respectively. Fletching pots 2s each. Acid pots, 25c each.
  4. My old suggestion had become reality in WU...why can't we have this in WO?