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  1. The brand animals permission group will now correctly cross over upon death, allowing players in that group to retrieve items off corpses if set.
  2. 5 hours sleep bonus due to the skill rollback from last update has been awarded to all accounts Player god missions should no longer spawn on Freedom. Instead of being individually added upon branding, creatures will now have a special role for citizens with brand permissions on a deed. This will mean a citizen leaving the deed will revoke all permissions on branded creatures. General Fixes Bugfix: Permission window for bison should now correctly say Can Lead instead of Can Ride. Bugfix: Fixed the issue with slay champion creature missions not advancing. Bugfix: Libila animal sacrifice missions removed from Freedom.
  3. Epic to Freedom Skill Transfers A one time transfer for all Epic accounts skills as of the 2nd of November to Freedom will be performed during this update. We will be applying a calculation to remove the 2x skillgain and reduce Epic skills to an estimated Freedom equivalent. Freedom skills will then have their highest value set to equal to the original Epic skill and give a 3x multiplier until that is reached on Freedom. NOTE: THIS ONLY APPLIES IF YOUR PRE-ADJUSTED EPIC SKILL IS HIGHER THAN YOUR FREEDOM SKILL. IF YOUR FREEDOM SKILL IS HIGHER THAN YOUR PRE-ADJUSTED EPIC SKILL IT WILL NOT CROSS. Characteristics and Meditation skills will cross at a 1:1 ratio. Faith, Favour, and Alignment will not cross at all. For more information on the process behind the transfers, please read: Additionally, all premium accounts affected by this transfer will have their premium extended by 10 days to account for the delay in processing this transfer. General changes Added “May plant” permission to village roles. Placing a wagoner container now requires May plant” permission. Placing a wagoner will now require “May place merchants” permission. Bug Fixes: Bugfix: Various text fixes. Bugfix: Rounded stone bridge icons now have correct images. Bugfix: The chocolate milk recipe should no longer be shown as a sub recipe when cow milk is required. Bugfix: Building over planted items underground should give you the take option as it does above ground. Bugfix: Action bar will now correctly identify what you are gathering (kelp, reed or grass) based on the tile type. Bugfix: Fixed error message when viewing history of branded animals via right click permissions. Bugfix: Pulp and paper now indicate the correct woodtype. Client fixes: Fixed rain occlusion related crash on some Linux GPU drivers. Rain occlusion is now linked to Detailed Weather option in settings. Addressed an issue where mine doors occassionally appeared flat. General performance improvements. Addressed memory issues with other players in local.
  4. Epic to Freedom skill transfer fixes Characters which had higher unmodified epic skills but lower after modification should now have their correct freedom values. Mission fixes Unfinished epic structures will no longer generate ritual missions . Text fixes with mission descriptions. Fixed water creatures spawning on land for missions. Difficulty ranges for missions have been adjusted. Rewards for missions have been adjusted upwards. Archaeology Fixes Changed inhabited and abandoned deed time frames On investigations into ingame times. Tool enchants will now work correctly with investigate and identify. Corrected weights of large and small amphorae when completed from fragments. All fragments will now form a pile. Damaged fragments can no longer be repaired . Decay rate of fragments has been reduced. Removed double Identify option in inventory. General fixes: Bugfix: New members joining an epic PMK from the portal should properly show on the member list. Bugfix: Fixed a text issue when prospecting a rock salt wall. Bugfix: Mark of the traitor should not show in examine message for creatures not involved in a traitor mission. Bugfix: Bulk move actions now keep track of number of items to move when queued.
  5. During today’s update we performed a fix across player skills to correct those reduced from Epic skills. Unfortunately, during this fix another issue was caused, which led to large multipliers on skills. Due to this, we have made the decision to roll back skills to the time of the update, meaning a short window of skill gain since the update will be lost. While we will not be providing any compensation this update, we will be providing +5 hours sleep bonus during a later update. (The cap will still be 10 hours, so as long as you are under 5 hours you will gain the full amount.) We apologise for the downtime, and appreciate your patience while we address these issues. Regards, The Wurm team
  6. We will be performing a weekend update to facilitate the skill transfers from Epic to Freedom. The update will occur at approximately 2 pm Server time (UTC+1) and should not last longer than the usual downtime. We will also be taking the opportunity to address a potential crashing issue on Elevation, as well as a client update to address a few performance issues. For more information on the transfer and how it will work, please read the post detailing what will be happening here: Regards, The Wurm team.
  7. As you all know, we’ll be performing a one time skill transfer for players from Epic to Freedom. Initially we hoped this could be done at the time of the update, but due to the sheer amount of information to go through (this applies to all accounts on epic) and the need to ensure that the skills copy correctly we unfortunately have decided to delay the transfer for a few days. The update, along with Freedom skills crossing to Epic and the new skilling system will still go live today as planned. During the update we will take a snapshot of all skills on epic, and this will be what is used for the transfer, so no skills gained on the new skilling system will cross over. We apologise for the delay, and will continue to work on getting this transfer out as soon as possible. -The Wurm team.
  8. “I cannot change the laws of physics Captain, but give me a good hot forge and a strong hammer and I bet I can bend them.” – Sir Burton while bartering at a market
  9. General Changes: Added identify option to fragments when outside of inventory. Removed player god favoured messages. Tweaked max difficulty of archaeology actions to scale correctly at higher levels. Changed the speed penalty of all plate helms to be the same. Changed mask fragments to need 10 to combine them instead of 3. Tweaked valrei fight movement code so deities don’t dance around in the same spot and waste their turn. Mission Changes: Changed how mission rewards are displayed and work. Missions that weren’t giving rewards properly previously should now give them properly again. Rewards overall should be a bit higher now, and display correctly on the mission window for each type of mission. We’ll be monitoring completion rates and feedback on these and tweaking as needed in the coming weeks. Tweaked chances for certain types of missions to spawn, lowered the chance of build epic structure missions to spawn overall. Changed sacrifice creature missions so that you do not need to be a follower of the god to sacrifice the creature. As long as you are in that god’s domain you will be able to sacrifice the creature, you will just not get any favor for it if you are not a follower of that god. Fixed build epic structure missions so they properly accept newly built structures that are in the correct location. Fixed creature related missions so they cannot spawn with baby creatures (lambs, foals, etc) Fixed enemy missions on home servers so they have a chance to spawn properly at lower difficulty. Fixed player god missions on non-epic servers so they don’t respawn. Fixed valrei fights so that player gods aren’t thrown into random fights. Fixed avatars spawning as the wrong kingdom for missions. General Fixes: Fixed rideable creatures with lingering traitor marks so they don’t resize to huge. Fixed identifying fragments so it is possible while embarked. Fixed destroying pavement while inside caves. Fixed dragon armour so a metal brush cannot remove the colour from them. Fixed fragments to not be smeltable. Fixed combined fragments appearing with negative enchantments. Fixed items in FSBs transferring to other bulk bins with their data intact. Fixed tamed creatures having a mind of their own and wandering off sometimes. Fixed traders so they will properly stock wagoner contracts. Fixed kingdom influence messages reporting the wrong percentages. Fixed creatures attacking through walls and from a long distance. Fixed fragments to correctly send the imp icon all the time. Fixed an issue with fragment materials. Fixed an issue with using a portal from GV to Xanadu not keeping the starter deed information. Fixed an issue with first time premium payments not syncing correctly with the login server. Client Changes: Added rain occlusion – rain and snow will no longer appear under roofs. (GLSL and FBO must be enabled in your client for this to properly work) NOTE: This does not mean that paved tiles inside buildings will no longer have the snow texture. New mine doors should only appear where they are placed.
  10. Skillgain on epic has been boosted Creation action skillgain has been reduced (excepting skills that only use creation actions) Characteristics gains have been increased Timer length will now play a part in tick size, instead of every action counting as a 10 second action Fragments should no longer create ghost items when identified inside containers Fixed an error causing crashes on mission generation Fixed an issue with first time premium purchase Emotes and double click examine should now work with an item activated Mine doors should now display the correct orientation from inside and animate properly. Creatures should avoid fences properly, and if too near a fence move away Ten hours sleep bonus has been added to all accounts in compensation for the multiple downtimes.
  11. This update marks a major client change, which unfortunately means the legacy client will no longer connect. We will continue to work with reported issues with the stable client to ensure the smoothest gameplay possible. If you are encountering issues with the stable client please use the low memory client. New: Added Wagoner for bulk deliveries. The wagoner will use the highway system to deliver bulk goods across a server. Players may either hire a public wagoner, or purchase a wagoner contract for 15 silver from a trader For more information, check the wurmpedia entry for Wagoners: New: Archaeology and Restoration Players can now investigate tiles with a trowel to find fragments of items Investigating on old disbanded settlements has a chance to yield unique items Unidentified fragments will need to be identified with the use of a chisel or metal brush Each identify action will reduce the weight of the fragment. Once the fragment weight is equal to the weight of the fragmented item, the fragment will become a fragment of the item. Using the correct tool to identify will increase the amount of weight lost each action Fragments can then be combined with fragments of the same item until the complete item is made. New keybinds: INVESTIGATE, IDENTIFY and COMBINE_FRAGMENTS Premium payment option changes First time premium for new players has been reduced to 2 silvers. Note: This no longer includes the referral and 2 silver cash back and a later purchase through the shop will not include a referral or 2 silver cash back. Premium purchases via the shop for first time premium has not changed and will still give the referral and ingame silver cashback Added a 15 day premium purchase option for 5 silver. New: You can now re-pave a highway tile without having to destroy catseyes and waystones and disrupting the valid highway. NOTE over 20 body strength will be necessary for this Permissions are required to do this on deed and in perimeters. You can also pave bridge parts when they are part of a highway, also can be repaved once paved. New: In addition to renaming the shelves in the Bulk Storage container unit, you can now also rename the shelves of the larder and the large storage unit. New: Mine door graphics have been improved and mine door animation has been added. Placing a mine door will now level the upper border of the mine entrance to the lowest side. If the border is shared with a fence or house it will remain uneven. The top border will need to be flat in order to have opening animation If top border is uneven the new textures will show, but opening animation will not. Mine doors can now be removed with the use of a crowbar. To remove a mine door you must be the owner, or have the manage item permission. New: Bulk-to-bulk transfers Amount transferred is depending on your strength in relation to the weight of the item type you’re transferring. If you can carry 20, you’ll move 20 at a time. If you can carry (the weight of) 2000, you’ll transfer 2000 at a time. Take note that the carry weight respects how much you’re currently carrying in your inventory. The action ‘ticks’ once every second, so it’s not a long wait. Multiple actions of transferring can be queued. The action is triggered by dragging a bulk item from one bulk container to another, you will have the regular bulk item transfer options (default numbers up to 50), MAX, or entering a number in the text field at the top. If you have 500 iron lumps, but only want to transfer 430, enter the number in the text field. Face shots will now take head armour as the armour value. Added iron plate armour Base damage reduction rate of 63% on Freedom and 65% on Epic. Meditation path level up cooldowns have been lowered and the cap has been reduced from 24 days to 18 days Level 1: 12h Level 2: 1 day Level 3: 2 days Level 4: 4.5 days Level 5: 8 days Level 6: 12.5 days Level 7+: 18 days If your Meditation skill is higher than current level x 15 the cooldown timer will be halved (e.g. If you have higher than 45 Meditation, the time between level 3 and 4 will be 2.25 days instead of 4.5 days.) New: Creature movement overhaul has now been introduced to all servers. Bugfix: Dug up artifacts will have the correct number of charges (30) as recharged artifacts. WARNING:This affects all artifacts not in ground, dug up artifacts before this patch will need recharging before the older 4 month time and the charges on the artifact will be reduced to 30 if they have more than 30 charges remaining when they are picked up. Bugfix: Can now eat from nested containers with the proper permissions on the locked container. Bugfix: Fixed issue preventing planting catseyes (and waystones) under bridge entrances. Bugfix: Removed creator tag on a few bulk food items that should not have had tags at all. Bugfix: Inventory groups will no longer be able to destroy floors or take damage from that action. Bugfix: Timers for flattening and leveling tile borders have been corrected. Bugfix: Mining timers should now scale properly starting at 25s at level 1. Bugfix: Dye text will once again be the same tint as the dye color. Epic Only Changes: Players using an Epic Portal from Freedom servers will now transfer across to Epic with their skills. If a player has already been on Epic, only the skills from Freedom that are higher at the time of the transfer will carry across. Skills that are higher on Epic will be unchanged. Higher skills from Freedom will only overwrite the Epic skill if the Epic skill does not currently have the 3x regain rate (i.e. skill has not been recently lost). Changes to base damage reduction rates for armours: Leather from 45% to 60% Studded from 50% to 62.5% Chain from 55% to 62.5% Cloth from 35% to 40% Drake, Scale and Plate no changes (65%, 70%, 65% respectively) Changes to metal type damage reduction bonuses for armours: Glimmersteel and Seryll from 10% to 5% Steel from 2% to 2.5% Changes to movement speed modifiers from wearing armour: Plate armour should be slightly faster when worn now. Lowered the movement speed reduction from all helms. Glimmersteel and Seryll armours now have a 10% movement speed bonus. Adamantine armours now have a 5% movement speed bonus. Changes to damage type damage reduction modifiers on armours (lower % means less effective against that damage type, 100% = no modifier): Leather: 90% vs bite, pierce and acid; 110% vs slash and burn damage; 100% vs others. Studded: 90% vs slash and acid; 105% vs bite; 110% vs pierce and cold; 100% vs others. Chain: 92.5% vs pierce and cold; 107.5% vs bite, crush and burn; 100% vs others Plate: 95% vs crush and burn; 105% vs bite, slash and acid; 100% vs others. Cloth: 80% vs bite, slash and burn; 120% vs crush and cold; 100% vs others. Drake: 95% vs slash and acid; 105% vs crush and cold; 100% vs others. Scale: 95% vs crush and cold; 105% vs pierce and burn; 100% vs others. Changes to how Bloodthirst scales damage at higher powers: Bloodthirst damage bonus has now been reduced to 33% of weapon damage at 10,000 power Bloodthirst power gain no longer slows down after 5,000 against creatures. Locate Soul range has been reduced to 200 tiles. Beyond that range you will receive the message “No such soul found”. Upkeep costs for Spirit guards on Epic servers will now scale according to how many you have, starting at 1 silver per month for the first guard, and increasing by 50 coppers more than the previous guard 1 guard 1 silver upkeep 2 guards 2.5 silver upkeep (1st guard 1 silver, 2nd guard 1.5 silver) 3 guards 4.5 silver upkeep (1st guard 1 silver, 2nd guard 1.5 silver, 3rd guard 2 silver) Oakshell changes: Oakshell now properly slows a mount based on power of cast A cast of under 70 power will give the creature a rare glow, a cast of over 70 will show a supreme glow. Players in mines will only have a 20 tile (radius) local visibility both below and above ground, so no more hiding in mines to spy on a 80 tile above ground local. Travelling through an epic portal will generate sleep bonus on the server you left at the same rate of sleeping in a bed Kingdom influence on Epic servers will now update dynamically when towers are captured or destroyed without needing a restart. Scale and drake armour will no longer drop upon leaving the world. New skillgain system on Epic Servers Actions will now be 2x faster than actions on freedom Skillgain has also been doubled. Skillgain will occur upon completing actions successfully Creation actions will give less skill per action Skillgain will have a bonus if the action difficulty is close to players skill. Player Gods Once a player has ascended to demigod status, they still control a random hex, allied to the god that favours their kingdom and hostile to others. Being defeated in combat will remove them from the board. If their god wins and can promote an ally, the player god will ascend to godhood and become a full god. The player god is then removed from the Valrei board, but still is allowed followers, priests and a spellbook, they will no longer move on the valrei map or give missions. Deity statistics have been changed from Vitality and Strength to: Body Strength, Body Stamina, Body Control, Mind Logic, Mind Speed, Soul Depth, and Soul Strength Deity Fights When gods meet on the same tile they will move into a smaller hex map for the fight. Fights can be viewed and replayed from the valrei map When fighting, gods may perform different actions, and favour those more suited to their stats Ranged attack – Body stamina, Body control Spell regeneration – Mind logic, Mind speed Melee attack – Body strength, Body control Defence (passive) – Body strength, Body stamina Deity spellcasting – Soul strength, Soul depth Sorcery spellcasting – Mind Logic, Soul depth Spell defence (passive) – Mind speed, Soul strength Mission Difficulty Missions will now generate on a difficulty scale, with higher difficulty missions providing more scenario points, sleep bonus, and karma. Current mission difficulty, available sleep bonus and karma can be viewed in the mission details window For each successful mission completed, the difficulty will go up by 1 for the subsequent mission. Failing or not completing a mission will lower the difficulty of the next mission by 2. If a follower of another god sabotages a mission that is possible to sabotage (e.g. cutting down a tree), the mission will be failed and lower the difficulty of the next mission by 2. Mission types are separated by difficulty, with home servers getting easier missions, and enemy servers getting harder missions. Sleep bonus is now divided amongst participants similar to how karma is Successfully completed missions will also provide boosts to deity stats. If a deity wins the scenario they will keep the boosted stats into the next scenario. Mission Changes New mission types Destroy guard tower in enemy territory Sacrifice creatures This will require lowering the creatures health and then using a sacrificial knife on the creature in the corresponding gods domain, Kill tower guards Changed mission types Missions involving creatures to be killed or sacrificed will now spawn those creatures specifically for the mission.. Traitor mission creatures will be marked with a special effect and will also have oakshell. Trees marked for a mission will now have a special effect. Scenario Rewards Rewards from completing scenarios will now be split across three tiers Tier 1 (1 winner): top 20% of contributors – random single use tome. Tier 2 (3 winners): Top 50% of contributors – 3 random tome fragments Tier 3 (5 winners): entire pool of contributors – Seryll lump or random tome fragment If a player has already won a reward, they cannot win again in that scenario reward pool. Tier 1 winners that are also in the top 5% of contributors will have a small chance to win a huge egg or key to the heavens instead of the single use tome. Deity rewards upon a scenario win have been changed slightly to take into account the new skills used in fights, and more balanced rewards.
  12. New fences and parapets are now available The following fence types can now be built in Slate, Sandstone, Marble, Pottery brick, Rounded stone, and rendered. Tall Stone Wall Portcullis High Iron Fence High Iron Fence Gate Stone Parapet Chain Fence Crate rack Crate rack for storing large and small crates. The crate rack can hold 30 large crates or 51 small crates' Creature movement changes Creatures will now avoid water and fences sooner (Enabled on Celebration only at this time). New highway system Overview The new highway system has been enabled on PvE servers. Paved highways of 2 or 3 tiles can be protected by the use of catseyes and waystones Protected paved tiles cannot be destroyed, but can be terraformed with a limit of 20 slope (28 diagonally). Catseyes and waystones Blind catseyes are created with rock shards and a stone chisel, and then turned into catseyes with the addition of an eye. Waystones are made with a chisel on a rock shard, and completed with a compass and a shaft. Paved tiles that are two or three tiles wide can be protected by placing catseyes or waystones on adjacent tile corners. A catseye may only connect to 2 catseyes or waystones and must be connected to one to allow planting. Waystones will create junctions for multiple highway routes to connect and will require being connected to at least one catseye to allow planting off deed. Note: On deed a waystone may be planted without any connections. Viewing protection Possible protected tiles and links can be viewed before planting a catseye or waystone by activating the item and right clicking an eligible tile corner (one with a planted catseye or waystone on an adjacent tile). Once planted, the protected tiles and links can be viewed by right clicking on the object and selecting it in the menu. It is advised to use this to ensure the correct tiles will be protected when joining highway junctions. Finding deeds Deeds that have a waystone on deed may be found via the "find route" option on a waystone that is connected to the same highway. If opted in, they may be found in the drop down menu, if they have not opted in they may still be found by inputting the exact deed name Village settings Village settings will be used for several purposes Allowing highways to be built or connected on deed or within 3 tiles of the deed (in village perimeter). KoS may not be used if the village is set to allow highways being built through the deed or within 3 tiles of the perimeter. Allowing highways to be found via the drop down menu on any waystone connected to the same highway Note, even if this is disabled, the village may be found by typing the exact name into the text box. For more technical information a thread for the discussion and questions about the system is available here: Questions asked in that thread may appear in a condensed Q&A form later. Existing highway rules will remain in effect until notice of their removal and reliance on highway mechanics is given. Bug fixes Bugfix: Fixed the double text for build wooden plank floors. Bugfix: Fix for menu option to remove reinforcement when trying to mine a ceiling above a reinforced floor. Bugfix: Fix for planted items sometimes falling into a pile of decorations. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where mining out a vein at a cave entrance could cause undesirable results. Bugfix: Reworded mouseover text for village permission Mine Floor to indicate it also includes mining ceilings. Bugfix: Fixed a number of ceiling mining issues related to reinforced flooring. Bugfix: You can no longer bank locked items. Bugfix: You can once again rename tents. Bugfix: You should no longer be able to see through hedges and stone fencing. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with pushing items into doorways from all directions when there was a bridge overhead. Client changes (4.01) General performance improvements. The general lighting brightness in daytime, night time and underground has been increased. Meat material name will show as a prefix if 'show material name' is disabled in settings.(this will appear on both 4.0 and stable) You can now customize your hover outline colors via the game settings. Customisation options will be available for neutral objects (tiles, neutral creatures, objects), hostiles, friends, and allies. Transparency can also be adjusted to fade the border. Standard colours will stay the same. Fixed an issue with painted items and transparency. Bugfix: Fixed select bar mining issues. Bugfix: Fix for bloated keybindings.txt file.
  13. “To get to sleep I keep telling myself there is no such thing as giant spiders. I’d even half believe it myself if not for the one staring at me through the window.” – Lady Bell at the dig site
  14. Fix for traitor missions causing server crashes Racks for empty bsbs can now have bsbs properly placed inside You can no longer bulk transfer items into the same container, causing them to be lost
  15. Fragments have been forced to seed and can now be properly found when investigating without having to regenerate over time. Creatures should die properly when killed. Skill transfers from freedom to epic should ignore 3x penalty properly. Skill multiplier on Epic has been reduced to 1x, as it already receives 2x from being Epic. If you have crossed over and have a large gap between existing and highest skill on epic please log a support ticket for a GM to rectify. Transferring between bulk containers will now work correctly. Transfering from bulk containers into inventory will now work according to body strength. Meditation skillgain on epic has been adjusted to take low difficulty of action into account. We will look at other skills over time. Investigate will only work on surface tiles.
  16. It’s that spooky time of year, and we have treats! (Tricks were also planned, but Enki got a little carried away, and we felt that letting loose a plague of champion Nogumps riding raging worgs with greenish drakespirits behind them was a little too chaotic) This halloween period (from 28th October until the 4th of November) there will be some extra spooky drops from various creatures across the lands of Wurm! The super stylish Pumpkin shoulder pads can be found from almost all mobs, with the difficulty of the mob affecting your chances of receiving it. The menacing troll mask can only be found from trolls. Champions and more difficult mobs increase your chances, and these are limited items only available during this period, so get out there, and get hunting! And most importantly, have a safe and happy Halloween! -The Wurm team
  17. “There are basically two kinds of people in this world. The living people, and the dead people. So what the hell is that?” – Sir Wheatley at the abandoned village of Trese
  18. “Look kid, if you keep poking that..that…whatever that thing is, it’s eventually going to wake up and eat you.” – Sir Landon prior to the Samling incident
  19. Wurm Unlimited has teamed up with Humble Bundle for the Humble Endless RPG Lands bundle! This bundle claims an impressive 300+ hours worth of playtime across all games, with almost half of that coming from Wurm Unlimited. If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, they’re an online store with collections of games (bundles) sold at a price set by buyers and with a portion of the price going towards charity. Beating the average payment also gets you extra games. So check if you’ve been thinking about getting a copy or two for friends, check it out and help out a charity too!
  20. Lingonberry Sprouts can no longer be picked or planted. Move options are now possible on deed without needing an item active. Items and creatures should no longer fall into the floor in underground buildings.
  21. Branded corpses may now be butchered by those with appropriate permissions. Corrected issue causing Life Transfer to heal attacker when no damage is dealt.
  22. Changes and additions Corpses of branded animals can only be looted by those people who had ride/lead permissions on that animal prior to it’s death and it’s only ‘protected’ in that manner until server restart. Note: You do not have to be a villager of the animal brand – you just need to have had ride/lead permission prior to the animal dying. People without permission cannot take, open, butcher, bury or move the corpse. This protection is removed with a server restart – at that time the corpse is available to anyone. You may now eat food from locked containers inside buildings if you have May Enter permission for the building and May Open permission for the container. Right clicking on containers with drinkable liquid in them will now give you the drink option. Renamed shelves inside a container will no longer show the shelf item or wood type, just the custom name. Shelves inside containers will now have the owner set to the creator or the last person to pick up/drop the unit instead of the container itself being the owner of the shelving. Adjusted the enchant decay system to work better with actions that are cancelled or end prematurely. Tree collision has been enabled. 3 new tapestries from the 2017 Tapestry Contest have been added. Tapestry of Mclavin, Tapestry of Ehizellbob, Tapestry of Evening, Lady Fighting Anaconda HoTA statue has been added back into the mix after its bumpy debut in May 2017. Creature movement changes (Celebration only) Creatures should no longer pile up on the edges of water Bug Fixes Bugfix: Fix for ‘cursed’ HoTA statues with RGB of 0 0 0. Bugfix: Fixed some messaging and text errors. Bugfix: Burnable items that degrade ql instead of damage should now properly fuel lit items. Bugfix: Removed the hedge and flowerbed options from the crafting menu when inside a mine. Bugfix: You will no longer gain life from Life Transfer when the damage is nullified by the creature. Client Updates General fixes and stability improvements. A display brightness slider has been added to the client settings under the graphics tab. Fixed invisible tile decorations (grass, crops etc). Added color coding of damage in inventories (yellow/orange for 0-20 damage and red for 20+ damage) as well as option in settings to toggle this feature. Archery keybinds have been corrected: SHOOT SHOOT_LEGS SHOOT_TORSO SHOOT_FACE SHOOT_HEAD SHOOT_RIGHTARM SHOOT_LEFTARM