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  1. INTP-T The personality type that just reads as mad scientist or an emotionless robot p close tbh
  2. 9/11

    Yes. #neverforget every nation needs a national tragedy, you see
  3. >
  4. The average Roman Legionary (in full combat gear) now with music >
  5. You can report it at your closest Roman embassy at the starter deeds
  6. This is a conspiracy, we, as a community, must solve! We must put our differences, regional disputes and religion aside for the greater threat of the CLOTH-DROPPING HORSE-STEALING BEAR METAL ILLUMINATI ALIENS
  7. ATTENTION WURMIANS Today, as of 20th June of the year 2015, first contact with the horse abducting aliens had been established at 9:42 GMT. As our envoy walked out to greet the visitor, it only stared at him with it's inhuman eyes and replied only with two words: "Ayy lmao" After inquiring about the abduction of horses, it's response was: "Get rekt shitter" Then the subject ceased any response and started to drop square pieces of cloth all around the landing area, littering all over while making noises that could be identified as laughter. Authorities all across Wurm are trying to hide their existence, but here, in Rome, we want YOU to hear the truth! We will update this as developments occur. EDIT1: We managed to capture a picture of the specimen: As you can see, it is a humanoid(?) with a head of a bear, wearing clothing quite similar to that of a human, with the exception of an arm made of metal. Wait a minute, this doesn't seem right... Oh no... This can't be ALIENS ARE ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED WHY DID THEY STEAL OUR HORSES? WHAT IS ROLF HIDING? MORE AT 8 >
  8. bearboats new pvp meta now we need gear for bears such as armor and steel claws
  9. Spess mehreens, today the enemah is at oua doa- Just kidding, kek Best of luck, may your RNG be good and dirt plentiful