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I started playing Wurmonline back in January 2007 on JK Home under the guise purp where I was a member of the settlement Lochside, near to Newtown & Riverside. After the homeservers melted at the end of April 2007 I moved on, returning to play on the new FTP/Tutorial server, Golden Valley early 2009, as Marni.

I remained on Golden Valley until the first of the Freedom Isles opened, Independence, in June 2009. My first settlement here was Marnimark on Water which I shared with a player I had met on Golden Valley, Greasemark. We both left Wurm mid August 2009 and I returned solo in June 2010, finding a new home for myself with Moot in a dark place called Shoto Khan. Horrible place that was, but I met my current village mate, Moot, and created Thomas, a quaint little place near Tenakill in October 2010.

Again, I left Wurm in around June 2011 and returned 18 months later in December 2012, luckily finding Moot still played and we have re-joined forces to create our new little village, Bonsai.

Moved on again in around January 2013 to a new location high above.