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  1. I think it's quite clear. If you're not actually monitoring the game you can't exactly be considered actively playing. The rules haven't really changed, only been clarified, and that is if you're not paying attention in game there is no way the staff can prove either way if you're using a macro or a bot.
  2. Opening an Altar

    Confirmed. This actually happens with many containers and has done for a while.
  3. Pelts

    Definitely. I feel that the volume of many of Wurm's items needs a review, and pelts being one of the oldest items in game deserve a bump.
  4. The time has come... Some of you may have already noticed or heard on the grapevine the changes that have been made very recently in line with the above announcement. Standard accounts are blocked from editing anything in the main namespace, however Player, User and Settlement pages are unaffected, feel free to continue to update and edit these as you wish. Should we receive any complaints of un-approved editing of another person's page or settlement it will be considered vandalism. Vandalism is an immediate ban from the Wurmpedia, so please always get confirmation before editing. Anyone may apply for a Standard account. Editor accounts are enabled case-by-case after I receive an application requesting the upgrade. 99% of the time the upgrade will be approved. If you're unsure as to whether you're in the 1% then you probably shouldn't bother applying. Editors may edit any page on the Wurmpedia that is not protected, such as the main page. Anyone in the 99% may apply for an editor account, but we do expect editors to remain on the active user list.... We are looking to redefine the role of the Assistant, so we will not discuss that too much right now, but the idea is that they should be highly experienced Wikipedia/Wurmpedia editors with a vast knowledge of the game, comparable to a GM in the game-world. Once we have ironed this role out (again) we'll bump the application page.
  5. Not true. Wurmpedia editors may edit the Wurmpedia. They aren't staff.
  6. So far we haven't changed any rules as to what can and can't be edited, however the Wurmpedia staff will not edit player or settlement pages on behalf of others. Any edits made without permission will be considered vandalism. We have no plans at the moment to remove players or settlements from the Wurmpedia, but we are not maintaining them, only caveat is that they're created in the Settlement and Player namespaces.
  7. I think Keenan means "be open minded" and don't focus solely on PvP.
  8. As per title. The Wurmpedia team would like a single screenshot that represents your server. Be it Dragon Fang or Horseshoe Island, or an epic battle between two sides, or even your starter village in all of its glory. Doesn't have to be big but please: reasonable+ quality graphics no GUI or text daytime, unless well lit by moons etc no trolling, no derailing or how about just......... No talking -- images only. If you want to say something, make sure you share an image matching my guidelines, if you want to discuss how good an image is, please take it here. The screenshots with the most likes after the weekend will have their image displayed in a prominent place on the Wurmpedia with credit. A few runners up will be added to a smaller gallery for all to see. Ready, set... GO! P.S. Please use spoilers if your image is wider than Docterchese's head.
  9. This is one of our internal projects and we've been working on it (albeit slowly) for a while now. We have some ideas on our sandbox Wiki which we'll eventually push to live. Coming Soonâ„¢
  10. <offtopic> Sneaking a little message in before I go away; this is great work and I and the rest of the team are happy with the direction the Wurmpedia is going in. We're looking for more editors like Keenan and Zachariah. Remember you don't need to be a staff member to be an editor, only someone of reasonable experience in Wurm and have a lot of enthusiasm. I'm hoping for 6-9 months of structured projects like this to get the Wurmpedia to a level where we can trust the information, understand it clearly and clear out the trash. Once that's done, we can look to implementing some awesome features and make the Wurmpedia the best gaming Wiki there is. So if you're up for that challenge, drop me a PM with an application and I'll look to getting you added, all things good, by the time I'm back from my holidays. </offtopic>
  11. Everyone is in full agreement there.
  12. Great conspiracy theory. Many Windows applications require .net and DirectX. Requiring Wurm players to upgrade Java is no different. The game is built on Java after all.