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  1. It may not have been an ongoing exploit but DB benefitted from the gold he got for a long time. Deeds loaded with ill begotten gold, free 90 weaponsmith accounts, laundered money in deeds all over the place. So what do you want from us rolf?
  2. You dont understand, that is the DEATH message not the tick message. Anyway good luck with this fellas, nothing more for me to add.
  3. You don't always get the message on every tick.
  4. OK. Goodbye everyone. I am tired of the repeated bias by certain people in this game. It is pretty obvious it happens when oracle apologizes to me several times, bans are reversed repeatedly etc. People delete my posts without signing them, which oracle says is against mod rules. Nothing happens. There is no reason for me to devote any more time when this is not going to change. A hearty chuckle from oracle and apology isn't good enough for me to have to deal with this harassment. Some people are allowed to post what they want and some troll me with bias and selectively apply judgments, which is ridiculous. How about some consistency? All when I'm trying to play a game and have fun, which I'm not anymore. The people that know this happens do nothing, and there is never any repercussion to anyone , therefore they feel free to do it over and over. I wish someone had the nuts to stand up and say something but they don't. 90% of the people who hate me in this game don't even know me, yet they trash me constantly. Call me a liar call me untrustworthy call me a troll w/e. Anyone that has spent any time with me knows that is all lies and what kind of guy I really am. Good luck to everyone, especially the guy who becomes the next scapegoat. Peace out Mark
  5. How can one person be banned for something then another person is allowed to do the same? Discuss.
  6. Have you been on test norad? Cuz im sure it was mentioned if you dont have RESULTS to post dont post anything.
  7. I doubt the test version is different then the live server, That sounds like an excuse for you finding its bugged on test but dont want to admit it. I consistantly get the same results on both. All results should be reported on test, not the ones the testers choose as friend said. How can you say testers get to decide whats a bug? We gather the info. Period, you dont have the right to go on test find bugs then not report them cuz you choose not to. It is painfully obvious venom gets the chance to tick at the 10 min mark. In michs death not one wound coresponds within 10 min intervals of any poison wound. Furthermore the killing blow came when the wound ticked without the timer or messages as even friend said he observed in his tests, with no tick message ever. This whole spell is bugged to hell in more ways than one, you know it if you've spent as much time on test as you say.
  8. Gal yer alive your stories had me worried.
  9. this has to be with the two different names for the coin i think.
  10. Doesnt refresh, you can drop it , pick it up w/e
  11. If you try to pay with a copper-twenty coin and a twenty copper coin the trader will not recognize the two types in the same trade.
  12. If you target an enemy, aim, then embark on a boat you will be able to target parts you are not supposed to be able to. Works as passenger or captain.