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  1. Status Updates: 15. July 2013 -Added Ql 70 Armour and Bardings -Changed Prices
  2. WieselTrupp's Armour Store This Merchant is located in the Tap Dance Market Stores, just left of the Altairs. The stock gets refreshed Daily, if he ever runs out of a ware that you would like to buy, PM me ingame. (Wieseltrupp) Iron: Chain Armour Parts QL 60: 18c (Jacket and Pants +5c) QL 70: 25c (Jacket and Pants +10c) Bardings QL 60: 1s 20c QL 70: 2s (All sizes)Shields QL40: 10c For Larger orders or custom materials other then Iron send me a PM.
  3. yep, i will keep 2 of them in stock for you, if i am not online, others in my village can sell the sets too, names are keloxx or aarbi
  4. Hello there I am locatet at Germania, this town is located on Celebration at http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ AB31 http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ X25/Y29-30 For requests, send me a mail in the forums, a PM ingame or a letter over the mail system or simply reply to this topic. Due to the nature of the mailing system i wouldnt like to sell it via cod, it just is far to expensive for such a low quality armour. i will deliver if you are located 10-15 minutes near us with a sailing boat. Chain Armour Set 1x Chain Coif 1x Chain Jacket 1x Chain Pants 2x Chain Sleeves 2x Chain Gauntlets 2x Chain Boots QL50 - 1s Chain Armour Parts Chain Coif QL 50 - 10c Chain Jacket QL 50 - 32c Chain Pants QL 50 - 32c Chain Sleeves QL 50 - 12c Chain Gauntlets QL 50 - 10c Chain Boots QL 50 - 12c
  5. Name: Germania Mayor: Armitxes Villagers: 11 Coords: AB31 Size: 11 by 11 Upkeep: 1s 24c 20i (there is one spirit templer in it, i don't know if its included in the upkeep or not) It will be walled of with a pallisade (currently it is about 30% done) No Alliance, no special colors.